Are Kathy Griffin And Anderson Cooper Still Friends After Her Controversial Trump Image? Here’s What He Says

Kathy and Anderson during CNN's New Years coverage

Despite the election ending back in November, controversy regarding Donald Trump's election and presidency hasn't slowed down. Plenty of celebrities are putting in their two cents regarding the current administration, mostly through the use of social media platforms. And perhaps the most controversial and public of these instances revolved around comedian and occasional actress Kathy Griffin, who has almost universally admonished for her controversial photo with a bloody mask of President Trump. This resulted in Griffin receiving a ton of hate and losing her CNN gig, but is her former co-host Anderson Cooper also down the tubes? It turns out, not at all.

Anderson Cooper recently did an appearance on Bravo's What What Happens Live! alongside his bestie and host Andy Cohen. When Cohen asked Anderson if he was still friends with Kathy Griffin, he responded with:

We're still friends. I said what I said, that I didn't think what she said was appropriate, but I wish her the best. I hope she bounces back.

Well, this is refreshing. While Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin often disagree in regards to what is or is not acceptable behavior, it's nice to know that their differing opinions haven't affected their interpersonal relationship with one another.

In the above statement, Anderson Cooper is referencing his personal response to Kathy Griffin's controversial photo with the Trump mask. Rather than attempting to stick up for his friend or rationalize her actions, he publicly stated his disappointment with her. As a reminder here is his Tweet, written in the midst of the controversy.

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While it doesn't get more black and white than that, it's nice to know that he hasn't let Kathy Griffin's very public fall from grace affect his personal relationship with the comedian. They've worked together and socialized for many years, and it looks like the latter isn't going to end anytime soon.

Of course, the dynamic duo won't be working together at CNN anymore. Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper have co-hosted the network's New Years Eve celebration for many years, with his straight laced nerves and her bonkers antics providing a delightful juxtaposition. But following Griffin's disturbing image with a Trump mask, CNN cut ties with her indefinitely.

Many other networks have presumably distanced themselves from Kathy Griffin following the controversy. So while Anderson Cooper hopes that she bounces back soon, it's likely going to be a long uphill battle for the comedian. Only time will tell if and how the world allows Griffin to work again, but at least she'll have support in friends like Anderson Cooper regardless.

Corey Chichizola
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