The Game Of Thrones Character Sophie Turner Would Bring Back From The Dead

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In a very long list of people that have been killed off on Game of Thrones, it's kind of shocking who Sophie Turner would bring back from the dead. The actress who plays Sansa Stark shared her response alongside other actors on the show, and our Head TV Editor Nick Venable was in attendance at the Game of Thrones panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 to get the quote:

I just really loved working with Jack Gleeson so much that I have to say Joffrey.

Say it ain't so, Sansa! In a world where Hodor, Ned Stark, Robb, and Catelyn could still be around, Joffrey Baratheon is the top pick of Sophie Turner? The choice sounds odd, but, then again, fans of Game of Thrones have a different perspective of Jack Gleeson than Turner likely does. The two shared a lot of screen time together in the early seasons, and the age gap between them isn't that far so they probably had a fun time hanging out between scenes while fans only saw Joffrey making Sansa's life a living hell on the show.

It would be odd to see a rhetorical scenario where Joffrey is resurrected in Game of Thrones, as the story has moved so far beyond him at this point. That's crazy to think about considering his actions were the catalyst for most of the show's tension in the early seasons. Bringing back Joffrey wouldn't make much sense, but it might be worth it to see him raise from the dead in just enough time to get roasted by one of Dany's dragons, provided they ever storm King's Landing.

As for other interesting responses from the Game of Thrones panel, Samwell Tarly actor John Bradley had a good one for an actor whose character he wished hadn't died:

If there's one character I wish they hadn't killed, it'd be Jon Snow, just to save us having to talk about it every five minutes for a year. That was a pretty crummy year.

And here we thought the Night's Watch were all sworn brothers. It probably was very frustrating for actors to give interviews for Game of Thrones, only to constantly be bombarded with Jon Snow "dead or alive" questions while the people asking know they couldn't tell them even if they knew the answer. Perhaps that joke about Jon Snow's manhood was, in part, made out of frustration from constantly having to answer questions about his death?

Game of Thrones is all new July 30th at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. For more on Game of Thrones, check out our theories on who Azor Ahai could be or how GoT is really helping other HBO shows out in a big way.

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