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david letterman's last late show

When looking at all the current late-night talk shows, it's absolutely mind-boggling that the current longest-running entertainment-style chat series is Last Call with Carson Daly. Gloriously, though, one of the biggest late night icons of all time will be back on our TVs in the relatively near future, now that David Letterman has signed on to make his grand TV return not on broadcast networks, but on Netflix! (throws index card through window)

For some bad news, David Letterman's new Netflix show isn't going to last forever, and the initial order is for six separate one-hour episodes. As far as the concept and execution are concerned, it doesn't sound like Letterman will be traipsing far outside his comfort zone, which is perfectly fine with us, since his comfort zone is what kept him on top of his game for over 30 years.

For each Netflix episode, Letterman will bring in a single guest, presumably the most prestigious ones available, and a large chunk of the show will feature a long-form conversation between the host and his visitor. The other half(ish) of each episode will follow Letterman as he heads out into "the field" and away from the studio in order to explore other subjects that interest him.. We probably shouldn't expect him to pop down to see Rupert Jee, but our fingers are crossed.

Check out David Letterman's own wryly amusing response to the new deal.

I feel excited and lucky to be working on this project for Netflix. Here's what I have learned, if you retire to spend more time with your family, check with your family first. Thanks for watching, drive safely.

At this point, the new project doesn't yet have a name, but that's probably the least important aspect of this story. That would obviously be the fate of his massive facial hair, and Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos said they'll "have to see if he keeps the beard," presumably with tongue firmly in cheek. There might be a guest hidden in that beard for one episode. We just don't know.

Netflix is gearing up to premiere the new show in 2018, so David Letterman could be back on the small screen even before a full three years have passed since his final Late Show taping. Now let's hear about who those guests will be! If we don't get Bill Murray, Madonna, Crispin Glover, Joaquin Phoenix and Norm Macdonald, we riot! It'll be interesting to hear if he checks out Netflix's other talk shows from Bill Nye and Chelsea Handler to compare and contrast with his own ideas.

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