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Why Supernatural Is Telling A Smaller-Scale Story In Season 13

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Supernatural has become the longest-running show on The CW thanks to its twelve seasons so far. Season 13 is set to debut in the fall to give viewers even more of Sam and Dean Winchester battling demons and monsters and even other hunters. That said, Season 13 won't just be more of the same. The story is going to be scaled down from Season 12. Executive producer Robert Singer appeared at this year's massive San Diego Comic-Con, and he had this to say about what's coming in Season 13:

Deliberately we're not doing like, I mean last year was pretty big with the British Men of Letters and the whole sort of organizational thing and all that, and this year we made a conscious effort that we wanted to go a little smaller and more personal so with mom in the apocalypse world with Lucifer and the boys having to deal with Satan's son we thought there would be a lot of emotional possibilities and that's kind of what we wanted to play with this year. Last year was about bringing the family back together, this year is what do you do when your family gets blown apart.

If fans know one thing about Supernatural after all these years, it has to be that the show does not hold back from going in wild, crazy, and very big directions. The Winchester boys have had to deal with a few different kinds of apocalypses already, and they've traveled to different planes of existence and interacted with different deities. In Season 12, they ended up battling enemies on two major fronts: Lucifer with his demons on the one side, and the British Men of Letters on the other. While Sam, Dean, and Mary did need to work with the Brits in order to track some big baddies, they ultimately betrayed the Winchesters and brainwashed Mary to murder every American hunter she possibly could. The season ended with Lucifer and Mary in another reality, Castiel apparently dead, Crowley definitely dead, and the nephilim child of Lucifer alive.

It was a grand climax to a grand storyline; going by Robert Singer's comments, the story will be less grand and more intimate in Season 13 so more focus can be on the boys and their reactions to their new circumstances. They suffered some very personal losses in the Season 12 finale, what with Mary being locked away in another universe and Castiel being killed by Lucifer. The nephilim -- whose mother lived long enough to name him Jack -- will require their attention, so they won't even be able to mourn properly. Really, the only positive that came out of the Season 12 finale was that neither of the brothers had been killed again. At least they'll have each other as they deal with their family getting blown apart yet again.

Still, we can bet that the story with Mary isn't done just yet. After all the time spent developing her character in Season 12, it's inconceivable that Supernatural would just trap her in another reality indefinitely, especially since she's with Lucifer. These are two very important characters in Supernatural mythology; the boys will almost certainly see their mom again. As for Castiel... well, we know that Misha Collins has a part to play in Season 13, although he might not be back as the angel we came to know and love. This is one death that Cas might not come back from with any chance of recovery.

Only time will tell. Supernatural will return to the airwaves for Season 13 on Thursday, October 12 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. A spinoff is in the works for this TV season, so don't miss an episode. Our fall TV guide can point you to all the other fall dates you'll need for the small screen.

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