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Why Supernatural Fans Shouldn't Get Their Hopes Up About One Star's Return

supernatural crowley season 12 finale all along the watchtower

The Season 12 finale of Supernatural was quite a bloodbath as it killed off a whole bunch of characters. Two of those characters were actually quite major, and there has been no saying whether or not they could return at all in Season 13. Well, actor Mark Sheppard has settled the question for Crowley, a.k.a. the former King of Hell. When Supernatural producer Jim Michaels posted a teasing tweet about a possible Crowley return, Sheppard had a different message, posting this:

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Tell us how you really feel, Mark Sheppard! His tweet that there are no plans for him to reprise his role on Supernatural "at ANY point" is pretty surprising, as Supernatural habitually brings dead characters back for guest spots or even regular roles. We don't know the behind-the-scenes circumstances that led to Crowley being killed off, but it seems that we shouldn't expect to see him back snarking at Moose and Squirrel when the show returns in the fall.

This tweet wasn't Mark Sheppard's only social media comment that hinted at a less-than-friendly departure from Supernatural. He had a blunt "nope" response to a fan who thought that Crowley might be back as a different kind of supernatural creature, and he even shot down the possibility of going back to the Supernatural set for a visit. Ouch. Sheppard had a bit more to say in an Instagram post promoting a charity cause, in which he revealed that a line he'd written for the Season 12 finale had gotten cut, and it doesn't seem like he was too shocked. There may be some distinctly bad blood between Mark Sheppard and the folks at Supernatural.

Even if Mark Sheppard's line for the Season 12 finale got cut, Crowley did get a pretty good sendoff. At the very least, he got to choose his own death and go out for the noble cause of trapping Lucifer away in a wasteland reality. His sacrifice did ultimately work, although not until Lucifer had the chance to stab Castiel with an angel blade and yank Mary into the wasteland with him. Still, if Crowley had to die, I'd say he got a good death in a show that hasn't always given its characters the most heroic farewells.

Fans do still have some things worth looking forward to in Season 13, despite the apparently permanent death of Crowley and the ambiguous fate of Castiel. There's a Scooby-Doo animated crossover in the works that could either be spectacular or silly, and the Winchester boys will have to adapt to a changed status quo when the action picks up in the fall.

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