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Big Brother fans hoping the tides might turn against Paul this week were likely disappointed by the outcome of the Head of Household competition on Thursday. Few are more loyal to Paul than Alex at this point. So it seems unlikely that Paul is in jeopardy of being the next evictee. That said, we do have a Double Eviction coming up, and anything can happen.

Let's get into spoiler territory. Read no further if you don't want to know who won and lost the Temptation competition, and which two houseguests were nominated.

Head of Household:


Won the Temptation Competition:

Mark (Safe)

Lost the Temptation Competition:

Matt (Nominated)

Nominated by Alex:



Won the Veto:

Hasn't been played yet.

The names above really do drive home that we're in the second half of this game. No one is entirely safe. As of right now, Cody is the most likely to be sent home on Thursday, through the backdoor. Alex put up one of her closest allies (Jason) as a pawn, along with Elena, who's also supposedly a pawn, but she's not placed well in most people's pecking order, so it's entirely possible she's evicted, depending on who wins the Veto and whether or not it's used.

Matt is another option for eviction at this point. The Veto has yet to be played, but he lost the Temptation Competition, putting him on the block by default. It sounds like Kevin is interested in targeting Matt over Elena, but that's probably not in Paul's best interest. As close as Paul is with Elena, he's kept her on the outside of some major plans. Matt, on the other hand, has been on the inside of Paul's schemes, and he and Raven have been completely cooperative. Why get rid of them when they've shown no signs of defecting. Mark would've been the ideal alternate target, in the event they can't get rid of Cody. But he's safe this week, so Elena may be the next best thing.

Let's go back to Jason being nominated. Honestly, Paul would've been the better choice for Alex to put up as a pawn. She could've used the logic that she wants to conceal just how close she is with Paul. The fact that Alex would put Jason in jeopardy but not Paul is very telling.

What makes this situation worse is that, thanks to the conversation Kevin had with Cody, Cody now appears to be on to the fact that Kevin, Jason, Alex and Paul are working together, and he's passed that information onto Elena. So she may not be feeling so safe as a pawn this week, rightfully so.

While Cody appears to be the primary target this week, there are definitely some options. But they're already limited by the Temptation Competition (Mark is safe). There was also the chance that Cody got picked to play the Veto, if his name was picked in the drawing (or if Elena chose him as Houseguest's Choice), but it sounds like that didn't happen. Cody said if he won the Veto, he would've used it to take Elena down, which would mean he, Elena and Mark would all be safe from eviction. Cody won't be playing for Veto today, however. So his only chance of staying is if whoever does win the Veto doesn't use it. Don't count on it.

We also have the Double Eviction to anticipate. I'm actually inclined to think Paul will come out of Thursday's live evictions ok. Not only is he good with competitions, enough so that he could win Head of Household or Veto. But he's also in so good with enough people that he could avoid the block all together. Then again, there are a lot of days between now and Thursday, and things could change.

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