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It's almost hard to believe, but we are just one day away from one of the biggest TV crossover events in recent memory. Netflix's The Defenders will unite all four of Netflix's heroes for an eight episode miniseries that will feature an epic battle for New York City. All of the streaming service's Marvel shows have led to this, and we'll see the heroes and their supporting characters eventually team up to battle against Sigourney Weaver's new villain Alexandra. And ahead of the midnight release, Netflix has just released a third and final trailer that is sure to have the hardcore fandom salivating and counting the minutes. Check it out.

How cool is this? Let's break down what we're being shown in the newest trailer, and try to keep it together while we wait the mere hours left until The Defenders finally arrives in its entirety.

While the previous footage focused mostly on the titular heroes of The Defenders, this final trailer largely features the villain Alexandra. Played by Sigourney Weaver, Alexandra is a wholly original character whose intention is to apparently destroy New York City. And while she'll have help from Madame Gao, The Hand, and an amnesiac Elektra, she certainly seems intrigued and intimidated by the motley crew of heroes that have found each other. Alexandra will no doubt be a complicated and layered character, which should help make her more interesting than the majority of the MCU's big screen villains. With more time available to flesh out the character than in a movie, I'm sure that we'll find ways to empathize with Alexandra-- the same way that Daredevil's Wilson Fisk tugs at audience's heart strings during his moments of vulnerability.

Although The Defenders is keeping its trailers vague to ensure an optimum viewing experience, this new one features the most footage of Alexandra that we've ever seen. Sigourney Weaver is wearing some seriously fabulous costumes, which helps to reiterate the resources and funds that the she apparently has. In juxtaposition, only Danny Rand has any money for the good guys, and who knows what debauchery is currently happening at Rand Enterprises.

Another way that the new Defenders trailer is unique is how it featured more of the supporting characters. We saw new clips of Claire Temple, Malcolm, Karen Page, and Colleen Wing. And while it's exciting to see those characters getting more screen time, it certainly doesn't look promising for the allies of The Defenders. Alexandra is ready to use these personal relationships to her advantage, so we should expect a few supporting characters to likely get kidnapped or worse when the battle for New York begins.

The Defenders will arrive at midnight on August 18th. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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