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Big Brother 19 Derrick

Big Brother gave us the scheduled special Friday episode, and unlike the last one, which featured the anticipated Battle Back competitions, this one consisted mostly of flashback filler, and a teeny bit of the Head of Household competition, which was hosted by one of Big Brother's greatest players, Derrick Levasseur.

The feeds have finally come back on, and we now know who the new Head of Household is and who they nominated. Read no further if you'd rather wait until Sunday's episode to find out!

Ok, here's how things are shaking out in the house...

Head of Household:





Won the Veto:

Not played yet

Since the Head of Household competition took place before the feeds came back on, we don't have the specifics on what went down, only that Christmas won. Jason and Matt were already on the block, and from what's been discussed, it sounds like Mark is the primary target, assuming the Veto gets used.

The Veto has not been played yet, however, so there's always a chance Mark could win it and either use it to save either Matt or Jason, or not use it and allow one of them to leave. But he is for sure the intended backdoor target right now.

We also have some information on the new Temptation situation. There are small trees near the entrance to the house, and various "temptations" on them...

Big Brother temptations
big brother other temptations

Save a Friend

Can't Play in Next HoH

Bounty on Your Head

Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes

Second Veto

From something Christmas said, I think this might be a "pick an apple" situation, and you get what you get. It sounds like Mark already got one of these temptations. His was "Save a Friend," which he apparently used on Paul. Assuming that means Paul is safe from eviction this week, it's actually not a bad choice. Not only might it help get him in Paul's good graces (it won't, but worth a shot), but considering Paul is most likely not going on the block anyway, it would eliminate a non-target from nomination rather than an alternate target to Mark. And Mark needs all the possible alternate targets he can get. In absence of allies to protect, best to put up a person who's least likely to be nominated anyway.

With Jessica, Cody and Elena out the door, we're starting to see what the rest of the pecking order might look like. Mark seems to be the obvious next-target, and given his competition wins, it would be smart for these houseguests to get him out as soon as they can. We're getting to the point where any one houseguest could win enough competitions to get to Final 3 no matter who's targeting them.

From the whispering and conversing that was going on last night, it sounds like Paul, Christmas and Josh are trying to figure out their ideal Final 5.

In a private conversation with Josh, Christmas talked about good combinations of people who would never work together, like Alex and Kevin, or Alex and Raven. Those are pairings that won't happen organically, so it might make sense for them to get Matt or Jason out after Mark (or if Mark's not an option because of Veto). That way they end up with a Final 5 that includes people who are more loyal to them (Josh and Christmas) than they are to anyone else in the group.

So it's an interesting situation. Paul may have his own intended Final 5, and he might encourage them to go with this plan. That's been the theme of the season so far. But Christmas and Josh have their own ideas, and I would actually love it if either of them eventually figured out a way to make what works for them happen over what works for Paul. Wishful thinking, I know.

There's also Kevin, who --- from Paul's conversations with Christmas and Josh --- sounds expendable, but also not a near-future target. I think at this point, Kevin will either go as an alternate Target one week (maybe if that second Veto gets used), or he'll make Final 3. Possibly Final 2, if whoever wins the last Head of Household decides him having that $25k makes him less likely to win the whole game.

As of right now, it looks like Mark will go next, unless he wins the Veto. If he does with the Veto, I could see Jason going next.

UPDATE: Veto players picked. Looks like Mark's chip came out of the bag, so he will have a chance to play for Veto.

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