Relive Maggie's Rise To Power In Exclusive Walking Dead Video

When The Walking Dead returns to AMC for Season 8 later this year, fans will no doubt be most anxious to get a taste of the comic book's All-Out War storyline as it begins in earnest. And while the "Rick vs. Negan" angle is the most common, viewers would be foolish to forget just how dedicated and dangerous Maggie is at this point. Below, we have an exclusive clip from the upcoming release of The Walking Dead's Season 7 Blu-ray set, out August 22, and it'll definitely remind everyone that Maggie has been set up to potentially become Season 8's biggest MVP.

While Walking Dead fans might not have needed such a direct reminder, this video from the Season 7 Blu-ray release points out how Maggie is arguably the biggest living victim on the show, since she has lost just about everything since being introduced in Season 2. That's counting both her former life with the rest of the Greene family, none of whom made it beyond the middle of Season 5, as well as her post-apocalyptic life, which saw her finding a loving relationship with Glenn that got brought to a brutal end in the Season 7 premiere. (Everyone remembers that scene, yeah?)

But while other major Walking Dead characters went off the deep end into some dark and ungrounded headspaces -- such as Rick with his telephone, Morgan clearing his neighborhood, and Carol's self-imposed exile -- Maggie has somehow managed to keep all of her mental facilities in check throughout the years. Never unwilling or afraid to show her emotional responses, mind you, since she's definitely taken time to mourn all the loved ones she's lost. Her motivations for staying on top of her sanity definitely changed in more recent seasons, too, as she's carrying Judith's first teammate in the next generation of Team Family's survivors. (It'll be interesting to see if that flash-forward dream sequence was on the money in showing audiences what Maggie's kiddo will look like.) And so she's going to do everything in her power to keep the child safe, both before and after its birth.

That's especially true when everyone's safety involves "punching Gregory right in the damned face before declaring her name as Maggie Rhee," since she's got some experience in that department.

The video above also brings up how Maggie and Sasha were a team in bringing about a shift in how The Hilltop was run, but that sadly won't be the case next season, since Sasha sacrificed herself, walker-style, in the Season 7 finale. In a different environment, one might consider Maggie as being something of a bad luck charm with all of her loved ones getting killed off, but such is the nature of The Walking Dead's brutal narrative.

Fans anxious to dive back into all of The Walking Dead's biggest moments from Season 7 don't have long to wait at all, as the locked and stocked Blu-ray and DVD sets arehitting retailers on Tuesday, August 22. Get ready for a ton of extra materials, too, as the clip above is one part of a total of nine different informative featurettes, and some of the more generalized making-of extras are complemented by features honing in on more specific elements such as all the new locations, the wildest walkers, Negan's impact on Team Family, the show's writers and more. (As always, the feature devoted to now-deceased characters won't be the happiest one.) Beyond those, the sets have a handful of deleted and alternate scenes, and around half of the episodes have extremely informative commentaries from the cast and crew.

After picking up The Walking Dead's Season 7 Blu-rays on August 22, fans will have exactly two more months to wait until Season 8 makes its highly anticipated premiere, which is set to include a Glenn reference of some kind on Sunday, October 22, at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see all the other upcoming shows on the small screen that could use a dose of Maggie's badassery, head to our summer TV schedule and our fall premiere schedule.

The last season of The Walking Dead continues to up the intensity. If you are looking to add season seven to your dvd or blu-ray collection, you can check that out here.

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