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Jerry Seinfeld's Netflix Comedy Special Just Dropped A Bunch Of First Look Videos

While Netflix can most readily boast about its massive lineup of original TV shows, the company has spent the past couple of years making a huge push into the stand-up comedy realm by bringing in some of the biggest comedians of the modern era. Jerry Seinfeld is one such entertainer, and we now have the first clips from his first big Netflix special, and it looks like Jerry Before Seinfeld will offer longtime fans a lot of familiar material, as it covers his pre-TV years. Check one of the videos out now!

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See what I mean about hearing familiar jokes? As the special's name implies, Jerry Before Seinfeld will partly center on those pre-NBC years when Jerry Seinfeld was just kicking it around New York (and other parts of the country) as an observational comic. But it'll even go beyond that, as viewers will get a chance to check out the many, many legal pads that Seinfeld has been writing jokes in since 1975; apparently they contain every joke he's written since that time. Meanwhile, I have trouble finding socks that I just took off my feet. Maybe that's why they're filled with such hate.

The legal pad jokes obviously show up in the clip above, and Jerry Before Seinfeld will also showcase some of the comedian's childhood videos, which will presumably show him playing with friends' toys after they've fallen asleep following a big meal. Other never-before-seen material will also be seen from Seinfeld's early career, and it'll be interesting to try and pick out the joke kernels that would eventually become Seinfeld's staged segments, as well as any potential story concepts.

But this is a comedy special after all, and not a documentary, and the through-line performance will see Jerry Seinfeld taking the stage at the famed New York City venue The Comic Strip, which played a big role in getting his career of the ground. Check out another clip below.

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Thankfully, especially for fans who might not be interested in watching retreads of classic jokes, this is far from the only project that Jerry Seinfeld is working on with Netflix, as the pair teamed up for a lucrative overall deal that should see the comedian developing other projects for the streaming service beyond just stand-up specials. Our fingers are crossed that Larry David gets involved as well.

In celebrating the first official footage from Jerry Before Seinfeld, Netflix started up new social media accounts specifically tied to its stand-up comedy. The Instagram account is the best though, considering how the posts are laid out to look like a big poster.

A comedy special about a lot more than nothing, Jerry Before Seinfeld will bring the stand-up icon to Netflix for the first time starting on Tuesday, September 19, at 12:01 a.m. PT. To see other shows and specials heading to the streaming service, our 2017 Netflix schedule should help, and our fall TV schedule will take care of all your other small screen needs in the coming months.

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