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It seems too soon in the season for Big Brother live feeds to be winding down, and yet it's starting to feel like a forgone conclusion that Paul will continue to coast all the way to the end. Should he manage to make it to Final 2, there's a good chance he'll pull off what he couldn't last year, and take home the big prize. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's get to the live feed spoilers, and who's probably getting evicted on Thursday night...

Here's how the power is shaking out this week:

Head of Household:


Originally nominated:

Jason (V)


Won the Veto:


Veto used?


Currently nominated:



Most likely going home:


As we previously reported, the Zingbot came into the house last weekend for the Veto competition. We'll get to see that on Wednesday's episode, including Jason's victory and eventual use of the Veto to take himself off the block. Christmas put Mark up in his place, and everything is going according to Paul's plan.

Speaking of Paul's plan, this time last week, I put together an awkwardly arranged circular chart that showed my perception of Paul's pecking order. As expected, Cody went, and Elena followed, with Mark lined up to go next. Here's how I see the updated chart looking today...

Paul's plan big brother

Mark is poised to meet Julie on Thursday night. That seems all but certain. But based on a conversation Paul had with the feed watchers last weekend, it seems like his strategy is to pit the duos against one another going forward, and from what I've seen on the feeds, it's working. He has Josh and Christmas annoyed with Matt and Raven, and distrusting of Alex and Jason. He's done the same thing in reverse for Alex and Jason, who seem ready and willing to push for Matt or Raven to go after Mark. I think Matt and Raven think Alex or Jason are the next target.

Who actually goes after Mark is unclear, but the odds of it being Paul right now are seriously low. As of his explanation on Saturday, his plan is to target either Matt or Jason next, depending on who wins Head of Household. I think if Josh were to win HoH, Paul would push to get Jason out, since he believes Jason and Alex are stronger than Matt/Raven. Paul's ideal final three (again, as of Saturday night's conversation with the feeders) is Christmas and Josh, as he's certain he'd make it to Final 2 with either of them.

If Alex or Jason win the next Head of Household, Paul will likely push for Matt to go, though Raven would be an easy backup target.

If Matt or Raven actually win Head of Household, Paul will likely push for Jason to go, with Alex as the backup.

Paul is also aware that Kevin is playing a floater game, and that hasn't gone unnoticed, but it doesn't look like he's ready to push Kevin to the primary-target spot just yet.

If you haven't noticed, this is really Paul's game to win or lose. This is not to say that anything is guaranteed, but no one is better positioned to get to the end than he is. It's entirely possible one of these duos will figure out what's happening, but it honestly seems like they feel like they need Paul to get to the end. They all think they're his number one duo, and really, I think only Christmas and Josh are right.

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