Big Brother Season 19 brought back one of the most fun competitions for the Veto this week. We have details on that, along with who won the Veto and who's being targeted for eviction. Spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds ahead!

Here's how things have shaken out in the Big Brother house so far...

Head of Household:


Nominated for Eviction:



Won the Veto:


Veto used?

Not yet.

This week's Veto competition was the hide and seek one, where the houseguests hide Veto symbols around the house, then take turns tearing everything apart trying to find each others' Veto, and hoping theirs doesn't get found.

Big Brother 19 bedroom

The houseguests did a real number on the house. Though it doesn't seem like they tore through the food and made a massive mess in the kitchen, as we've seen in years past, they did rip apart their bedrooms, and spent the immediate aftermath of the Veto competition reassembling their home.

Jason won the Veto, which means he has a lot of power this week. Now he has to decide if he wants to take one of the nominees off and put up Kevin as a pawn, or if he should just leave them the same, which would be a pretty big clue to Matt and Raven that one of them is being targeted.

You'd think being put up on the block together in the first place would've been an indication that they weren't safe, but Matt and Raven seem pretty convinced that Kevin is the target.

Kevin isn't the target, but he is a target, and could easily get bumped up over Matt if Paul wants it to happen (and Jason actually nominates him). Paul seems convinced that evictions are going to come faster soon, which may be the case. So he's been ramping up campaigning against Matt, Raven and Kevin, presumably in the event the eviction schedule gets moved up and he doesn't get much time later to line up his later-targets.

Right now, I think Matt will be the primary target to go home. And then it's just a matter of whether Jason uses the Veto, nominates Kevin and leave Matt to assume he's safe until Thursday, or he doesn't use it and Matt and Raven know they're the targets.

I don't think Paul wants that to happen, as it not only takes away the option of getting Kevin out, it'd also mean a lot more scrambling on his part to act like he wasn't part of the decision with Matt and Raven, while simultaneously trying not to let Alex and Jason see he's playing all sides. It'd be easier for him if Kevin is on the block next to Matt (or potentially Raven, but probably Matt), and then Paul just has to lie to Matt and Raven for the rest of the week, send one of them out and do damage control with whichever of them stays. Jason seems concerned that he'll put Kevin up as a pawn, and then Kevin will be the one who goes. That's probably because Paul is campaigning hard against Kevin to Alex and Jason, because he needs them to not trust Kevin enough to nominate him as a pawn. Paul may need to dial that back. Jason's BS radar is set much higher than Alex's.

Jason's not wrong to have these kinds of concerns. I'm not convinced that Kevin would go if he's up against Matt or Raven, but it's good that Jason is being cautious. Alex, on the other hand, is assuring Jason to trust Paul, Christmas and Josh, that they have his back. She sees both Josh and Christmas as pawns, which goes to show she's really only trying to view the game through her own road to the end. If she considered what was best for Paul, she might be asking herself why he would try to go to the end with her and Jason, when he can take two people who aren't winning competitions.

So, right now the Veto has not been used. Paul's plan is for it to get used on Raven, and for Kevin to go up as a pawn. But Jason and Alex were talking late last night about what Jason will say during his speech when he doesn't use it. They think there's a chance that the Veto ceremony and eviction will happen live on Sunday. I don't think that's happening, as there's no live episode tonight, just the usual one to show the rest of the Head of Household competition and nominees. So assuming the Veto ceremony happens on Monday like it usually does, there's time for Jason to change his mind and decide to use the Veto.

While most seem settled on sending Matt out this week, Kevin is undoubtedly an option, and there is some concern over Raven trying harder in competitions, which is fair. While Raven isn't exactly a competition beast, Matt certainly hasn't lived up to the assumptions and expectations people had for his abilities. The houseguests also seem to be getting fed up with Raven in general. They're questioning her stories, the severity of her illness(es) and injuries, etc. Jason recently speculated that America does not like Raven, due to the fact that she didn't get one of the early temptations, she got the worst zing from the Zingbot, didn't get asked a question during the recent live show, and the fact that she talks about her health situation so much, which --- as mentioned --- they've come to doubt the severity of. So Raven's no one's best friend in the house right now, except for Matt. But I still think they'll target Matt for eviction, as long as that's what Paul wants to happen.

A bit more is up in the air this week than has been in previous weeks, but as of Sunday morning, the odds are very high that Matt will be evicted on Thursday. There's a possibility it will be Raven, and an even smaller possibility that it'll be Kevin, unless he goes up on the block, in which case he becomes a viable option.

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