The Lakers' Lonzo Ball Will Show Up In Fuller House Season 3

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Netflix brought the Tanner family back to the small screen with Fuller House back in 2016. The majority of the original Full House cast signed on to set up the spinoff that would follow D.J. Tanner-Fuller's attempts to move on after the death of her husband. Living in a house with sister Stephanie, best friend Kimmy, and all their assorted children, D.J. found herself at the center of a great many shenanigans. The show will return for a third season, and we know now that at least one of those shenanigans will involve a famous face. Lakers star Lonzo Ball will guest star on Fuller House in Season 3.

Lonzo Ball will play himself in a Season 3 episode of Fuller House, which is currently filming. As the second pick in the 2017 NBA draft who left UCLA to go pro, Fuller House couldn't have found a bigger showbiz name on the Lakers for a guest shot. Variety reports that Ball will drop by the Tanner-Fuller household to try and recruit a certain person to join the Lakers organization. Given that the adults of the household in the first two seasons are all ladies, we have to assume that Jimmy Gibbler moves in to become the Laker recruit or Ball wants D.J., Stephanie, or Kimmy to join the organization in a way that doesn't involve hitting the court.

Then again, who knows? Fuller House hasn't exactly bound itself by the limits of real life. Maybe the Fuller House version of the Lakers is willing to allow women to play, and the Lakers are looking for D.J., Stephanie, or Kimmy to join the team. We can bet that Fuller House isn't going to become the basketball version of Pitch, but Fuller House has gone pretty off the wall in the past. It would certainly be entertaining to see Lonzo Ball enter the Tanner-Fuller household on a recruitment mission, only to find himself in the thick of one of their silly misadventures.

This isn't the first time that Fuller House has recruited a celebrity for a role on the show. Giants outfielder Hunter Pence turned up back in Season 1 as Stephanie's boyfriend, and singer Macy Gray made an appearance while the leading ladies of the show were out on the town. In Season 2, the whole New Kids on the Block crew turned up as well. If we're not going to get one or both of the Olsen twins back as Michelle, at least Fuller House is giving us an assortment of famous guest stars to mix things up on the show. It should be fun to see how Lonzo Ball does in his role on the show.

All things considered, Fuller House should be pretty exciting in Season 3. The order was bumped up from the 13 episodes of each of the first two seasons to 18 episodes. The new batch of episodes will be released in two parts, and the first nine will be available on Friday, September 22, which awesomely coincides with Full House's original premiere date back in 1987. It should be the perfect way to celebrate a major Full House milestone. Lonzo Ball will turn up in the second half of the season, set to debut in 2018.

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