How Grey's Anatomy Is Changing Up Grey Sloan For Season 14

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Grey's Anatomy is the hospital drama that keeps on going, as it's slated to enter its fourteenth season later this month. Considering the explosive way Season 13 came to an end last spring, big changes to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital were inevitable for Season 14. Now, with the Season 14 premiere only weeks away, we finally have some inside info on how the show will change the hospital for the new batch of episodes. Actress Chandra Wilson, who has played Dr. Bailey ever since the beginning of Season 1, had this to tease about Grey Sloan in Season 14:

We definitely are going through some cosmetic upgrades and some changes. It's another way for Bailey to put her stamp on things. She ends up going pretty all-out in changing colors, upgrading rooms, and changing the feel of the hospital.

Bailey has poured an awful lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this hospital. Already a surgeon by the time Meredith, Alex, and the other original interns came on the scene in the pilot, she has been around for a long time. If anybody deserves to handles the cosmetic upgrades to the hospital after the damage it sustained at the end of Season 13, that person is Miranda Bailey. Chandra Wilson's comments to EW about the changes indicate that Bailey will be pulling out all the stops for the changes to the hospital.

Unfortunately for Bailey, not all of her upgrades will go according to plan. Grey's Anatomy actress Jessica Capshaw revealed that despite all the changes intended to keep everybody safer than ever, there will be some problems with the construction process. Co-star Kevin McKidd added that not everybody at the hospital will be too happy with Bailey's actions in changing Grey Sloan.

That said, we shouldn't worry that the construction mishaps will create a great deal of drama in the early episodes. Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays surgeon Andrew DeLuca, has revealed that Season 14 is going to be funnier and lighter after all the separation and loss of recent years. Whatever happens to poor Bailey's grand plans for updating the hospital, the odds are that it will be played for laughs.

Season 14 will deliver some non-cosmetic changes as well. A number of Season 13 actors will likely be absent when the show returns, and the latest squad of interns will be so dependent on technology that the veteran surgeons will begin to feel pretty old, which should be good for some laughs. There will undoubtedly still be plenty of drama, what with Jo's abusive husband returning and the cases of the week that tend to be heartbreaking. Hopefully Grey's Anatomy strikes a balance between the funny and the poignant that will be fun for fans.

Grey's Anatomy will return for Season 14 on Thursday, September 28 at 8 p.m. ET for a two-hour premiere on ABC. For all the other upcoming premiere dates, be sure to swing by our fall TV guide.

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