Here's Our Best Look Yet At The Flash's New Suit For Season 4

The Flash is getting some new threads for Season 4, and thanks to the internet, we now have our best look yet at Barry's new suit. Take a look at the picture below and continue reading:

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To save fans of The Flash a rousing game of "spot the difference," let's begin with the fact that the insignia is missing. This has led some to speculate the new version of the suit will feature a built-in lightning bolt symbol, although in the past it's been shown the insignia is something that can be removed, so it could just not be on the suit at the moment. That seems like a weird thing to take off prior to this photo, so this might mean the logo has been altered a bit in addition to the suit.

It also looks like The Flash will abandon the dark, almost crimson, red they've gone with for the past few seasons and change Barry's suit to a lighter red more in line with that of the comics. Even if the lighting is making the suit appear brighter than it is, it's definitely much lighter than it has been in past seasons. Costume designer for The Flash, Maya Mani, breaks down the details of the old suit below, which definitely helps showcase just how different this new suit is:

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Just going off of what was seen in the video, it looks as though the new suit features a lot less mesh and a lot more leather. The chest and abs region, in particular, look to have been tweaked quite a bit, and Barry's belt has finally been converted to an all gold color similar to the suit worn by Future Flash last season. The gold boots from the original DC suit are still nowhere to be found, but considering how much this suit has changed to more closely resemble The Flash of the comics, they could be coming sooner rather than later.

The Flash will return October 10th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. In addition to a new suit, Barry's apparently got a new attitude to go along with all the changes fans can expect in Season 4. Unfortunately, some of those changes involve losing actors like Tom Felton or possibly one of the speedsters, although there are plenty more positive things to look forward to. Be sure to check out more on what we know about Season 4 right here, or take a look at what else is premiering this fall by checking out our fall premiere guide.

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