The Venture Bros. Finally Got A Season 7 Release Date, But Fans Won't Be Happy

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The Venture Bros. will be returning to television for Season 7 which is great news to fans who, by now, have practically grown up watching the series. Unfortunately, fans of the show will have grown some more by the time the upcoming season is complete, as a recent Adult Swim bump indicated the series will not air until Nov. 11, 2018! Here's how we know the date, and if fans can be sure whether or not this is the true day they'll see more of the series.

The date on which The Venture Bros. will return was announced by Adult Swim in the same fashion the programming block releases most information, with a bump. The bump, which was uploaded to Facebook via a fan on Friday, listed that there were only 422 days to go until Season 7 would premiere on the network. For those keeping tabs, Season 6 of the series concluded March 20th in 2016, which means by the time Season 7 airs, two years, seven months, and 22 days will have passed!

That's a long time to wait, albeit not a wait fans of The Venture Bros. aren't used to. In fact, the gap between Season 4 and Season 5 (which saw the episode count drop down to eight from the prior season's 16) is about the same as this most recent gap between seasons will be. This upcoming Season 7 has previously been stated to contain 10 episodes, which, while it's not the 13 episode order the series had in its beginning, it's certainly more than AS original Metalocalypse is currently getting.

With Season 8 already a guarantee with another 10 episodes on the way following this coming season, let's hope the writing staff is taking so long because they're actively writing that season as well so they can release it sooner than past seasons. Let's also hope that with the premiere date so far away the show will actually premiere on November 11th, since it's not as though Adult Swim bumps are infallible in their wisdom.

As for what Season 7 will hold for Dr. Venture, Hank, Dean, Brock and the rest of the colorful cast of The Venture Bros. remains to be seen. Season 6 featured "Rusty" inheriting his brother J.J.'s massive fortune and Brock Samson being reinstated as the boys' bodyguard. One big thing that happened in the switch is that the crew is now operating out of New York and not the Venture Compound, which was destroyed in a special episode leading up to Season 6. It's likely the series will pick up again in New York, although this is a cartoon and it's also entirely possible the compound could be rebuilt by the time things pick up again in The Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. will apparently return November 11th, 2018. Those waiting for that can visit our fall premiere guide for a list of shows to keep them busy for at least a few months leading up to that date.

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