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How To Finally Stream Will And Grace

will and grace revival
(Image credit: Image courtesy of NBC)
(Image credit: Image courtesy of NBC)

Will and Grace was one of the biggest and most groundbreaking shows of the late 1990s, and the core four actors are getting back together for a revival that will premiere later this month. The original run of the series lasted for eight seasons and an impressive 194 episodes, but fans haven't had an easy way to watch any and all old episodes. Now, that is going to change. NBC and Hulu are bringing all eight seasons to streaming ahead of the Season 9 revival premiere.

Here's what's happening. Will and Grace will become available streaming beginning on Thursday, September 21, which just so happens to be exactly one week before brand new episodes premiere in primetime for the first time since 2006. Fans will be able to find the streaming episodes on the NBC app, through Hulu, and via on-demand services courtesy of satellite, cable, and other pay TV providers. Hulu will be the exclusive Streaming Video On Demand partner for the first eight seasons of the show.

All things considered, the time really might be now to look into a Hulu subscription if you're not already subscribed. Hulu recently made headlines when it won big at the 2017 Emmys thanks to The Handmaid's Tale, and it's the home of a number of originals along with libraries filled with TV episodes from network and cable shows. Eight seasons of Will and Grace is a pretty big win for the streaming service.

Even the most diehard fans probably won't have the time to binge-watch the entire series between September 21 and the September 28 primetime premiere, but the new streaming option means that there's the time to go back to some of the biggest and best episodes scattered throughout the first eight seasons. Whether your favorites hail from the first couple of years or the last few seasons, the options are endless. Of course, rewatching the series finale might not be all that useful ahead of the Season 9 premiere, given how the revival is treating the events of the finale.

Although not all of the familiar faces from the first eight seasons will appear in the revival, we can count on some unforgettable guest stars returning as well as the fabulous four leads. Will and Grace won't be going anywhere any time soon, either; NBC has already renewed the series for a second revival season. There will be some key differences, but a lot will be the same, and the revival could be the blast from the past we all need these days.

If you're still not sure about Hulu, check out the recent episode of The Cord Cutter Podcast that tackles that very issue. Tune in to NBC on Thursday, September 28 at 9 p.m. ET for the revival premiere, and take a look at our fall TV guide for everything else that will be hitting the small screen sooner rather than later.

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