Superheroes are all the rage nowadays on big screen and small screen alike, and they won't be going anywhere any time soon. Rumors of a TV show based on Alan Moore's legendary Watchmen comic have abounded for years, but nothing solid has come of them... until now. We now know that a Watchmen television series is indeed in the works at what could be the ideal network, and the project just took a big step forward. HBO has officially ordered a Watchmen pilot from Lost and Leftovers producer Damon Lindelof.

HBO put in the order for a pilot for a prospective Watchmen TV show, and Variety reports the network has committed to backup scripts as well. The confirmation of the pilot and scripts comes only a day after Damon Lindelof teased the beginning of production on a Watchmen TV show. He shared a photo that featured a statue with "In Gratitude" on the base, which could only be a reference to the first Nite Owl of the Watchmen comic. Nite Owl -- a.k.a. Hollis Mason -- received such a statue after retiring. There could be little doubt that Lindelof was indeed hinting at big Watchmen news to come.

Still, Damon Lindelof only teased "Day One" in his photo. He didn't refer in any way to HBO, and previous comments had indicated that he hadn't been meeting with HBO execs about bring the comic to the small screen. The news about the HBO pilot at least settles where the series may end up if HBO is pleased with the pilot. Considering the success that HBO has had with genre series in recent years, Watchmen could be a great fit, and not just because HBO might need a new big show with a built-in audience once Game of Thrones comes to an end in the not-too-distant future.

This isn't the first time that HBO has tried to develop a Watchmen series. Back in 2014, Zack Snyder and HBO were in talks about bringing the comic to the small screen. Snyder was responsible for adapting Watchmen for a feature film, so he was a logical choice at the time to helm an adaptation for television. A Zack Snyder TV project obviously never happened, but it's possible that HBO didn't just give up on the idea of a Watchmen series. Once The Leftovers came to an end and Watchmen fan Damon Lindelof was available, the time may have been perfect.

The Watchmen comic is set in a universe in which the arrival of superheroes in the middle of the 20th century changed the course of history, leading to different outcomes in Vietnam and the Nixon presidency for Americans. A group of crimefighters comes together to investigate the death of another, and they uncover secrets they never expected in the process.

Only time will tell if the Watchmen pilot will result in a series at HBO, but we can cross our fingers. If you're not yet sold that it's a good idea, take a look at our breakdown of reasons why an HBO Watchmen series is definitely a great a idea. Don't forget to swing by our fall TV guide as well.

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