Arrow Season 6 Is Bringing A Long Lost Character Back, Check Out The Pictures

The sixth season of Arrow is set to kick off on The CW next month, and it's bound to bring a whole lot of changes to Team Arrow in the aftermath of the fifth season finale cliffhanger. We still can't say for absolutely certain who did and did not survive the finale, but The CW has released photos from the Season 6 premiere that reveal a certain long-lost character that will be returning. Take a look!

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Yes, Raisa will finally be back. Last seen in the Arrow pilot as the one member of the Queen household staff who seemed to believe that there was more to Oliver than his spoiled playboy persona, Raisa will turn up again in the Season 6 premiere. Hopefully the episode will explain what happened to Raisa that we never saw her again after the pilot, but it's possible that her absence will go unaddressed. After all, the Queen mansion was pretty big, and the Queens were always throwing parties and/or creating big messes with bad guys. Raisa might have still been around; we just didn't see her.

It's a sign that Oliver is still fond of Raisa that we see her in a photo with William. Oliver has been quite protective of his biological son, and we can bet that he'll be even more so in the wake of William's abduction by Prometheus. Raisa could be a valuable resource for him, both as somebody he trusts and somebody who presumably knows something about raising young boys. Given that Raisa seems to be handing William his Flash-themed backpack, we may discover that she will have a hand in raising William on a regular basis. Whether this is because Samantha died in the Lian Yu explosion or Oliver needs help whenever he might get custody of William remains to be seen.

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Oliver isn't exactly looking thrilled in this shot with Raisa, which could fit with his status as a single dad. Then again, Oliver doesn't look happy as a general rule, so it's possible that he's in a great mood and just isn't smiling. The photos don't make it clear just where Raisa is interacting with Oliver and William, although the curtains indicate that both pictures come from the same set. It's possible that Oliver has moved somewhere more child-friendly in the time jump between the Season 5 finale and the Season 6 premiere. The first trailer for Arrow Season 6 revealed William has his own room with Oliver.

We'll have to wait and find out. These new photos may be hinting that Oliver needs help from a maternal figure in raising William, which could definitely mean something terrible happened to Samantha. If that's the case, then fans should probably resign themselves to seeing lots of William in the rest of the series. Only time will tell. Season 6 of Arrow will premiere on Thursday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Raisa isn't the only Arrow character who is probably coming back at some point in the new season. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule for the other superhero premiere dates, and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in superhero TV news.

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