New Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 Photos Look Like Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow is right around the corner and it will find that the Legends have pretty much completely broken time. Dinosaurs, cowboys, and Roman soldiers are running all over the place and it's giving us some hard Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure vibes. In that movie, historical figures also ran amok in the present day, like Napolean chilling at a water park. The jury's still out on France's shortest conqueror showing up, but check out these Roman centurions kicking it on the beach with the Legends.

Legends of Tomorrow

The chances are looking pretty good that Mick finally got to go to his precious Aruba, as revealed by these photos from the Season 3 premiere, titled "Aruba-Con." But like any superhero vacation, it's cut short. At least one battle-ready Roman crashes a beach-bound toga party and it looks like he rubs Sara the wrong way. Now the gang's leader, Sara is squaring off with Julius Caesar (played by Simon Merrells), and fighting her is probably going to be the second biggest regret in Caesar's life, though that first regret might have been eradicated by the time-foolery.

After meeting their past selves in order to stop Eobard Thawne at the end of Season 2, The Legends have "broken time" and now have to fix the several aberrations and anomalies that they've created. Part of those anomalies involves historical figures popping up in time periods that they shouldn't be in, such as Caesar creeping up in Aruba circa 2017 and blocking some on Mick's sweet sun rays. That's a truly non-non-heinous move, Caesar, and we think So-crates would agree.

In addition to dealing with the kinds of time anomalies that even the Wyld Stallyns would have trouble with, the Legends will be encountering plenty of new and familiar characters. Damien Darhk, forever unkillable, is coming back once again and this time his adult daughter Eleanor (Courtney Ford) is tagging along. Flash bad guy Gorilla Grodd will also appear this season and will be more evolved and powerful than we've ever seen him before. In addition to all of that (plus a mysterious new villain), historical figures are are showing up in 2017.

It's a pretty clever way to keep the show fresh and fun -- I mean, what else would you call Roman soldiers at a toga party? We're willing to bet that enough drinking is going on that nobody realizes how legit this Julius Caesar is.

Legends of Tomorrow returns on October 10 at 9 p.m. EST on the CW. While waiting to see if any random phone booths show up in Season 3, keep track of all your other favorite returning shows with our guide to the fall season.

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