Check Out How The Walking Dead Trolled The Punisher And Star Jon Bernthal

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It's been a long time since Jon Bernthal was involved with The Walking Dead, but even years later, it can be hard for fans to look at the current star of The Punisher without seeing the conflicted Shane Walsh buried somewhere inside. Those feelings are going to be even harder to ignore now that TWD trolled Bernthal on Twitter with the particularly hilarious tweet found below:

Whoever wrote that tweet may not even know how brutal those words are for Jon Bernthal, who was reportedly pretty cheesed off when he got that paternity news from The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln before it was revealed to fans onscreen. Bernthal will never get a chance to redo his Shane scenes like he wanted to with that knowledge already learned, but maybe this is all the beginning of some crazy crossover where Frank Castle bursts onto Season 8 of TWD, ends the war with Negan, and starts a new life with Judith as he reveals he's actually Shane and he didn't die in both human and walker forms like we all clearly saw. It's an incredibly impossible fantasy to have, but it's also fun to imagine.

The Walking Dead's tweet is also particularly brutal considering Jon Bernthal's children and wife are dead in The Punisher. It's almost as though Bernthal has this odd TV typecast where he has to be a character with whom death and tragedy are associated, although most people would sooner empathize with Frank Castle in terms of familial tragedy than they typically would for Shane Walsh. Supposedly, that's the type of role Bernthal likes to play, which is likely why he was so convincing in TWD and in Daredevil Season 2.

With The Punisher release date still undecided (but confirmed for 2017), and The Walking Dead set to return October 22nd, there's a good chance these two shows could be running simultaneously this fall season. With that in mind, these coming months should be a great time for fans who love Netflix's Marvel superhero shows as well as TWD. For everyone else who may only like one or the other, both shows will almost undoubtedly be the premiere place for action in the fall season, so it'll be a good time to dive in.

Anyone ill informed on exactly what shows will be making their way to television this fall can stay in the know by following our fall premiere guide. For more on Jon Bernthal, be sure to read about how the actor prepared for his upcoming role in The Punisher, or the weird scene that he had to perform with actor Tom Holland that actually landed him the role. For more on things headed to Netflix, check out our latest edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast where we highlight all the exciting things being added in October

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