How Kevin Can Wait Is Pairing Kevin James And Leah Remini

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Warning: spoilers ahead for the second episode of Kevin Can Wait Season 2.

Kevin Can Wait made a big cast change for Season 2 when original leading lady Erinn Hayes was written off the show and former guest star Leah Remini was bumped up to regular status as Vanessa Cellucci. The whole Gable family is struggling to adjust to life without Donna, and the latest episode showed Kevin attempting to tackle the domestic tasks that he once left to his wife. As his son wasn't enjoying Kevin walking him home from school and his daughter wasn't a fan of her dad washing her clothes, the whole family was under a lot of pressure. Luckily, Kevin found a reason to get out of the house, and it gave viewers the answer to the question of how Kevin James will be paired with Leah Remini in Season 2.

Vanessa Cellucci entered the episode when she wandered into the Gable house to recruit Kevin to join her on a mission to serve papers to a man dodging his wife's quest to divorce him. She had left the police force for the private security sector, and things worked a bit differently. The man had gotten a look at Vanessa, so she needed an assist from somebody who couldn't be identified by the target. Unsurprisingly, the partnership didn't go too smoothly, starting when Vanessa got the burger with onions that Kevin ordered.

Although their first attempt to serve papers failed when Kevin tried to chase their target on a kid's malfunctioning dirt bike, Kevin discovered that he liked being at work yet again. He decided to apply to work for the Golden Phoenix security company, which he discovered to his dismay was owned and run by Vanessa. Kevin decided to start his own security firm, but it got off to a poor start when he used a scrap of paper as his business card and used "insecurity" as part of his slogan.

Well, Kevin lost his competitive streak when Vanessa revealed that her company was failing, and she was behind on her rent. They began to work as a team to take down their target at an amusement park, and it was clear that they were good to keep going as partners. The two will be working together in private security, which will shift the focus away from Kevin's shenanigans as a stay-at-home dad to his hijinks in private security with the long-suffering Vanessa.

Only time will tell how much the show will change now that Kevin is getting back to work and Leah Remini has a larger role in the show. It should be interesting to see how the fans who weren't happy at how Donna was written off will react to the shift. We'll have to wait and see. New episodes of Kevin Can Wait air on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Don't forget to swing by our fall TV premiere guide as well.

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