The Awesome Way Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Will Kick Off Season 3

Nathaniel battling Rebecca in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

While the fall months bring the end of beach weather and vacations, avid TV fans know it's one of the most exciting times of the year. Because the cooler weather brings with it fall premiers, where the small screen adventures that had been on hiatus all summer finally return for weekly installments. Many season premiers have already aired in the past weeks, although The CW is holding off some of its premiers for later in October. This includes the Emmy and Golden Globe winning musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is gearing up to debut its third season on the network. And star Scott Michael Foster (aka Nathaniel), is teasing a big opening musical number for the premiere episode. He told CinemaBlend,

I think we come out strong in the first episode. Everyone comes back in this really big- I kind of compare it to when Belle is walking through the town in Beauty and the Beast and everyone's singing around her. It's sort of like that. So you've got everyone in the show singing about Rebecca Bunch, and it's this huge number. It's going to be a strong welcome back for Season 3.

Well, that's one way to start Season 3 with a bang. It looks Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's return will feature the entire starring cast in an opening number that could put Beauty and the Beast to shame. Take that, Disney.

In my conversation with Scott Michael Foster about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's third season, he certainly seemed excited for the fandom to check out what they'd been working on. While Foster was a recurring character last season, he's been upgraded to a series regular for Season 3. As such, we should see way more of Nathaniel's no nonsense attitude and infatuation with Rebecca when the series returns. And with more Nathaniel comes more opportunities for Foster to how off the pipes he used in the Season 2 song "Let's Have Intercourse".

Scott Michael Foster's tease about the Season 3 premiere will definitely be exciting for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans, as the cast rarely comes together for giant ensemble musical numbers. That said, Season 2's finale ended on quite the explosive note, so it makes sense that the characters would be buzzing with the news. The last episode saw Josh leave Rebecca at the altar to apparently become a priest, and Rebecca and Paula begin to plan their revenge for this humiliation. They'll presumably rope in the likes of Valencia and Heather for their plot, and take Josh Chan to task for his various missteps.

And with Josh Chan now apparently joining the seminary, Rebecca and Nathaniel's flirtation may end up becoming a bigger part of the plot. Good news for Scott Michael Foster.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will premiere its third season October 13, 2017 on the CW. In the meantime, check our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
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