Westworld Season 2 Is Probably Introducing These Two Epic New Worlds

Dolores and the Man in Black

Spoilers ahead for the Season 1 finale of Westworld.

With Game of Thrones just one season away from its completion, HBO is no doubt attempting to assemble a similarly popular and critically acclaimed series. And they've certainly got a hit on their hands with sci-fi adventure Westworld, which debut to massive acclaim in 2016, and recently accrued a bevy of Emmy nominations. And while the wait for the show's second season is pretty excruciating, we have been getting small glimpses and bits of information. Fans are especially excited to see the other parks that the company has to offer, and now Westworld's creators are teasing two more location to join Westworld and Samurai World. They're classics from the original Westworld film series: Medieval World and Roman World.

This exciting news comes to us from Deadline, which was at 2017 Vanity Fair Summit. It's there that Westworld creators were asked why anticipated parks like Medieval and Roman World weren't also teased in the Season 1 finale, to which they responded:

We had to save something for Season 2.

While not a concrete confirmation of the aforementioned Medieval World and Roman World, this certainly teases the possibility of their showing up sometime in Westworld's sophomore season. The world of the series is expanding in a major way, and getting into the nighty gritty of the company and its various parks will only help to capture the attention of the show's many fans.

Season 1 of Westworld was set almost entirely in the titular park, although the finale was a game changer. During Maeve's attempt to escape the park and join society, she and her motley crew of hosts stumbled upon a Samurai World lab. Sword wielding hosts were being created and tested, and it soon became clear that Westworld wasn't the only park available for the company's rich guests.

And over at Westworld, disaster was brewing as well. After Dolores kills Robert Ford in front of the shareholders, we see as a mass of retired hosts descend upon the party. The robots are now able to physically harm outsiders, and characters like the Man in Black and Tessa Thompson's Charlotte Hale are going to have to fight for their lives if they intend on surviving their time in the park. I have to wonder if this same type of malfunction was present in all of the other parks as well, with some poor guest meeting a grisly beheading over at Medieval World.

Westworld doesn't currently have a premiere date for it second season, but it's filming now and expected to arrive sometime in 2018. In the meantime, be sure to check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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