John Stamos' Biographical TV Show Has Found Its Home

John Stamos

John Stamos' biographical TV show has found its home, and it looks as though Amazon has caught the Stamos fever as they snag the rights to the currently untitled drama. Those who love soap operas may take interest in this show, as the series is said to be based on the actor's early years on the series General Hospital. Here's what we know about the project, and whether or not we can expect to see Stamos making an appearance.

As Deadline reports, Amazon has secured the rights to the drama in what was said to be a highly competitive situation. The drama, which still does not have a name as of yet, will follow a young actor who bursts into stardom in the 1980s as the "next big thing," following his appearance on America's most popular soap opera. The story seems to be a mirror of John Stamos' career, which started with a contract role as Blackie Parrish on General Hospital, and eventually led to his most celebrated role as Jesse on Full House.

The story for John Stamos' drama is being composed by Fox's The Exorcist writer and co-executive producer Adam Stein, and is being described as "Boogie Nights in the soap world." That sounds like an exciting premise, and it's no surprise that there was such fervent competition between parties to snag the potential series. Stamos is signed on to the series as an executive producer, although it is not stated whether or not he will be appearing in the show.

If he does appear in the soap-centric drama, it wouldn't be all that surprising. John Stamos is known to play roles in shows he produces as he reprises his role of Jesse in Fuller House, and starred in the Fox series Grandfathered. If Stamos does hop on the drama to play a role, it probably won't be the 18-year-old actor based on him, although with the way that guy ages it wouldn't take a ton of makeup to pull it off! Seriously, what is this guy's secret to stopping the aging process?

As of writing, there are few details known beyond Amazon acquiring John Stamos's drama, but one would imagine more details will be revealed before too long considering how long this project has been in development. For more on Stamos, check out the adorable Olsen twins video he shared from back in the day, or read about his reaction when he saw the first Fuller House promo. For less on John Stamos and more on great television, we have an ultra handy fall premiere guide that has all the best shows of the fall season and the dates they'll be starting on, so be sure to check that out.

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