John Stamos Shared An Adorable Olsen Twins Video From Full House's Early Years

This past weekend saw the big Netflix premiere of Fuller House Season 3, which means we got another chance to hang out with most of the original Tanner family, though not all of it. As it goes, the notable absence was Michelle Tanner, since neither Ashley nor Mary-Kate Olsen have been game to reprise their shared role for the popular spinoff. Perhaps as a way to remind Fuller House fans of how adorable the Olsen twins were during those early Full House seasons, franchise star John Stamos shared the aww-worthy video below.

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You gotta love everything about this, from the video itself to the use of "#NetflixAndHug" in the message. Michelle remains one of the cutest toddlers in TV history, and even though John Stamos may have initially wanted to get the Olsen twins booted from the show for being difficult to work with, he clearly changed his tune about his feelings for them as the years went by.

After all, who can deny the power of being called by one's character name and then getting a tongue stuck out in said person's direction? Not John Stamos, and not me, either. (Although I don't really have a character name to get addressed by.) Incidentally, if you're having trouble telling twins apart, just get each of them to call you a different name.

As one of the driving forces behind Fuller House coming into existence, John Stamos was actually one of the people who tried hardest to get Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen back into this world, and not just for the first season. And while he might still be doing something to make that happen for the future, show creator Jeff Franklin has said he won't be making those attempts anymore, since they should clearly know that they'd be welcome on Fuller House if they chose to appear. At this point, it's hard to know what would actually change their minds about returning to a TV project.

The behind-the-scenes video was recorded back in August of 1989, which would presumably mean it was taken during the weeks prior to Season 3 premiering on ABC as part of the inaugural TGIF lineup on Friday nights. Pretty timely, considering it was unearthed for Fuller House's third season, which debuted exactly 30 years after Full House's series premiere. Something tells me a video of Bob Saget and Dave Coulier from that time would be a lot filthier.

Fans can watch the first nine episodes of Fuller House Season 3 right now on Netflix, even without the Olsen twins involved. (Check out how Jodie Sweetin's real life accident guided the course of her character's new season stories.) For everything else that the small screen has to offer, our Netflix schedule and our fall premiere schedule should be all you need.

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