Constantine Is Reportedly Coming To Another DC TV Series

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John Constantine is reportedly making yet another appearance in the Arrow-verse this year. Rumor has it that Constantine will be teaming up with the Legends of Tomorrow sometime in Season 3, although there has been no official confirmation from The CW. Here's what we know about Constantine's appearance, and what it could mean for the Waverider crew as they look to fix the universe.

The supposed appearance of John Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow is being reported by Comicbook, but all that's left beyond that is speculation. This wouldn't be the first time Constantine has been spotted in the Arrow-verse, as the hero has been seen and mentioned specifically on Arrow. As for what business Constantine could have on the Waverider is a mystery (assuming this is happening), but it's possible it could have something to do with its captain.

It's been a while, so Arrow fans can be forgiven if they've forgotten it was John Constantine who was responsible for resurrecting the soul of Sara Lance. Constantine's appearance could have something to do with Sara specifically, although when Constantine is involved, anything paranormal or involving the afterlife is fair game. While the exact episode Constantine may appear in is a mystery, the fact that Legends of Tomrorow is specifically mentioned would appear to indicate it won't happen during the mega-crossover. While it would be cool to have Constantine a part of the crossover, at least it means things can't get any weirder for the heroes participating in that event.

Luckily for actor Matt Ryan, his gig as Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow won't be a one-off deal. A live-action revival doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon, but Ryan will be voicing the hero in an upcoming animated series on CW Seed. With an animated series on The CW's streaming service, there's a good chance we'll be seeing more Constantine appearances similar to that of Vixen or The Ray, so fans shouldn't be bummed out if his LoT run is short lived.

Legends of Tomorrow will premiere Season 3 Tuesday, October 10th at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. It's The CW's fall premiere week, so fans of the Arrow-verse would do well to double check their dates on our fall premiere guide so they don't miss any of their favorite shows premiering. For more on Legends Of Tomorrow, be sure to check out this whacky photo gallery from the upcoming season that will really showcase how goofy this season could be. For more on Constantine and the failed tv series so many fans want to see come back, check out what the producer had to say regarding why the show failed.

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