Constantine Is Coming Back, Here's How

Constantine only lasted for one season, but that one season was enough to land the comic book-turned TV character an avid audience. It was also enough to convince most people that Matt Ryan is great in the John Constantine role. All of those people will be very excited about the CW Seed's newest project, which will bring Matt Ryan back to play the popular character in a new online series.

Over the weekend, The CW made the huge announcement that Constantine will become an animated series on CW Seed. The new news indicates that Matt Ryan will be back to voice the lead character in the new series, and that the series will consist of five or six shortened episodes. Although there's not an exact episode count, yet, the TCA announcement indicates that each episode is anticipated to last 10 minutes on The CW Seed.

new constantine series

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little while to see John Constantine back and in action. The big announcement (via THR) indicates that the return of Constantine, albeit in animated form, will not happen until 2017-2018. The animated series should be a good fit for the streaming outlet. Right now, all of the episodes of Constantine are currently available on The CW Seed. In addition, The CW DC shows have already decided they want to make sure John Constantine is still a part of the world---or really worlds---the network has built. In fact, Matt Ryan's character already popped up in an episode of Arrow.

If next TV season is too long to wait to see John Constantine back in action, Matt Ryan is doing additional voicework as the character for the upcoming Justice League Dark movie, that is set to be available on Digital starting on January 24. The Blu-ray and DVD release for the film is coming a little later, on February 7. The animated film actually has an R-rating, so it should be a little different from what you saw of the character during the original series, as well as what is to come on CW Seed.

The advent of the CW Seed series doesn't mean that John Constantine will be back on any of the other CW shows, but there is precedent for that sort of transition. CW Seed's Vixen eventually popped up on the regular network, as well. We'll let you know as soon as the Constantine animated series moves forward and gets an official premiere date on the streaming service. For now, the CW's regular programming is scheduled to return later this month. Take a look at when all of your favorites are coming back with our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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