Classic Game Show Supermarket Sweep Is Getting A Reboot

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While it's getting harder to predict things when it comes to the ever-expanding world of television, we can always be pretty confident that game shows will never go out of favor, and the popularity of the relatively recent wave of reboots is certainly convincing. Now, Supermarket Sweep is the next in line to get revamped for modern audiences, and we can't wait!

While there currently isn't a specific TV channel involved with bringing Supermarket Sweep back into our lives, the global rights to the show were recently acquired by FremantleMedia, the unscripted TV juggernaut behind shows like American Idol, America's Got Talent and a host of popular game shows such as The Price is Right and Family Feud. Fremantle was also behind the star-studded comebacks for To Tell the Truth, Celebrity Family Feud and Match Game, so it's more than likely that we'll get to see Supermarket Sweep returning to its broadcast network roots when it makes it through the checkout line in the future.

Now that the world has seen a conglomerate team-up between Whole Foods and Amazon, on top of other big changes in the world of grocery shopping, it'll be interesting to see what differences will show up on Supermarket Sweep. That's assuming the producers don't just stick to the same basic format, updating little beyond the subject matter for the early round quizzes that focus more on pop culture and store products themselves. (How many times will we hear phrases like "gluten-free" and "farm-raised" in this new iteration?) After all, the act of pushing a cart down an aisle and throwing stuff into it hasn't gone through much evolution over the years. Plus, the whole concept of self-checkouts feels like it was partly inspired by Supermarket Sweep anyway.

While many may only be familiar with the 1990s take on Supermarket Sweep -- or that SNL sketch from last year -- the show actually debuted on ABC in 1965, as produced by Al Howard, whose son Howard will be involved with the new version. It lasted for two seasons before being pulled. The format was retooled for Lifetime from 1990-1995, as hosted by David Ruprecht, with Jeopardy!'s Johnny Gilbert as the announcer. Ruprecht returned for three seasons of the PAX version that aired from 2000-2003, and that was the last time Supermarket Sweep was a TV staple. If it seems like you've seen it since then, you might be thinking of Food Network series Guy's Grocery Games, although that show pales in comparison to the Sweep.

Considering how well Fremantle has done with the super-popular Celebrity Family Feud and other shows, our hopes for Supermarket Sweep are stacked as high as the limit of five diaper boxes. Plus, even if they wanted to go in a wildly different direction with the reboot, the Snoop Dogg-led Joker's Wild update and Hip Hop Squares are proof that anything is possible.

While waiting to see where Supermarket Sweep will end up, check out everything else hitting the small screen soon with our fall premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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