After a summer full of big and exciting praises from the cast and crew, The Walking Dead will soon be back in our lives on a weekly basis to show us the heavily hyped All Out War between Team Rick and Team Negan in Season 8. And with both real life and TV, wars bring casualties on all sides of the line. A show like The Walking Dead doesn't even need a war to kill off its characters willy nilly, so you just know that some big changes are coming.

As such, here are eight characters who are most likely to die horrendous deaths in The Walking Dead Season 8. Negan's arrival last year rocked the boat when it came to losing big characters, and we expect this upcoming batch of episodes to be no different. Let's start off with one of the drama's most morally flippant heroes, shall we? (First, though, be warned that there are some comic book spoilers in this list that may or may not become relevant for the show.)


The Walking Dead's Morgan is a character like no other. He's an O.G. survivor who met Rick back in the early days. He disappeared for a while, resurfacing first in his "going clear" mania and then again after becoming a more zen-ified soul who chose not to kill anyone. But we all saw that no-murder clause expire in the back half of Season 7, and when Season 8 kicks off, we can expect to see him possibly getting his hands as dirty as ever, as Team Family aims to take out Negan's Saviors in any way possible.

And if he's back to being as vengeful as everyone else, then Morgan loses part of what makes him a distinct survivor, and that's never a good thing within the world of The Walking Dead. Especially for a bigger character. As such, there's a pretty decent chance that Morgan will become a clear casualty of All Out War by the time the dust settles.

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