We're only days from the return of The Walking Dead for Season 8, and fans will finally get to see what happens next after Rick and Co. took an epic stand against Negan and Jadis' forces in the Season 7 finale. The majority of Season 7 was more concerned with the human threats than the undead threats, mostly thanks to the premiere kicking off with Negan brutally murdering two of the good guys with his baseball bat. Negan will be back and undoubtedly as brutal as ever, but thanks to a new batch of photos of the Season 8 premiere, we can guarantee that we're in for a whole lot of super gross Walkers as well. Check 'em out!

This particular Walker looks like he's seen better days, both as a human and a zombie. He was evidently scorched pretty severely, as a whole half of his body seems burned. He also looks pretty fresh, given that a Walker that has been dead longer undoubtedly would have had all that burned flesh sliding off his bones, especially if he's tugging at a leash on his arm continuously. My money is on this Walker being quite freshly undead, which could make for a pretty scary sequence. Who can forget the burning zombies from back in "The Grove," wandering over from Daryl and Beth's moonshine-fueled fire before Carol killed Lizzie?

In another look at this scorched Walker, we see that his pants are still pretty intact as well, and he seems quite energetic. He's definitely a relatively fresh Walker, which means we could learn that he was part of one of the communities that chose their sides in the Season 7 finale. If he was a Savior, Negan and Co. may use him as another sort of Fat Joey martyr to justify striking back harder than ever against the Alexandrians.

Super fresh zombie or not, this guy has clearly seen better days.

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