American Vandal Renewed For Season 2 At Netflix

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When the trailer for American Vandal was first released, some wondered whether or not a true crime docu-series parody about a kid suspended for drawing penises would have lasting appeal. It didn't take long before audiences and critics alike answered that question with a resounding "Yes," and it appears Netflix wants to keep the penis-doodled train going. The streaming service released a teaser video that confirms American Vandal has been renewed for Season 2.

As for what fans can expect for American Vandal Season 2, co-creator Tony Yacenda has already teased the direction the series may be heading. Right now, it appears that Peter Maldonado and Sam will likely head to another school with a fresh crime, as opposed to continuing on at Hanover High School. The goal then, it seems, is for American Vandal to be able to start fresh in an anthology format, rather than keeping up with the characters and storylines from Season 1, which would have a shorter shelf-life than the alternative. That's likely a bit disappointing to those who have grown attached to the story of Season 1 of American Vandal.

Spoiler Alert for those who haven't finished Season 1. None of us ever did find out who drew all those dicks, since it was revealed that Dylan Maxwell (played by Jimmy Tatro) was actually not responsible for the crime, and the filmmakers had a suspect who they think really committed the act. The show creators intentionally did not resolve things, which stayed in line with the true crime dramas the show emulated so well.

How American Vandal will be able to come up with a crime as hilarious as drawing penises on cars in Season 2 is the real question. Perhaps the next season can revolve around a senior prank involving laxative brownies going entirely wrong, although that crime doesn't sound accurate to the show's title, unless "vandalizing bowels" is a thing. Perhaps the show will shake up its title for Season 2 should the subject matter change, or they might just find another way to pull off a vandalism crime that doesn't utilize the same ideas as Season 1. Either way, we're watching.

American Vandal will return for Season 2 sometime in 2018. That's another successful series in Netflix's growing roster, and no doubt Season 2 will see some of that massive chunk of money the service recently borrowed to put towards programming. For more on Netflix, be sure to check out their latest offerings on our Netflix guide, or perhaps our streaming-centric podcast The Cord Cutter Podcast. For all other information regarding fall programs and where to find them, hit up our fall premiere guide.

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