First Look At Supergirl’s New Supervillain Reign

Supergirl returned to the airwaves for Season 3 with the promise of a supervillain unlike any introduced by the series before. The new baddie Reign made her debut as a baby in the Season 2 finale, and she has already appeared in Season 3. We haven't seen her go through her villainous transformation on the show yet, however, and we've had to wonder what she'd look like when she finally stepped up to battle the Girl of Steel. Now, the show has finally released a first look at Reign the villain, and she's pretty epic. Check her out!

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It seems that Supergirl's version of Reign will basically be a dark version of Supergirl who went with pants rather than a skirt. Of course, she's also wearing a mask, so she's probably not as optimistic as Kara and Clark when it comes to not being recognized by bystanders. Reign almost looks more like a villain out of the upcoming Earth-X crossover than somebody who will menace Kara in the Earth-38 version of National City. Given that Reign and Kara both come from Krypton -- although they may be genetically different, depending on how Supergirl handles Reign's backstory -- it makes sense that Supergirl would give them similar outfits. I'd say Reign in full villain mode looks pretty badass.

This Reign certainly looks different from the DC Comics version of Reign. The comics version looks distinctly alien with blue skin and dark eyes, and her outfit is a whole lot skimpier than we see in the first look at Odette Annable as the character. The bodysuit looks pretty practical for physical fighting, and we can bet that she'll pose a formidable threat to Kara when they inevitably clash.

There's no saying at this point just when Reign and Supergirl will clash, as Reign still doesn't seem entirely aware of her origin on Krypton. Instead, she's living as single mom Samantha, who is working as Chief Financial Officer of L-Corp now that Lena has shifted over to working at CatCo. The first look at Reign posted on Twitter only indicates that she'll debut later this season. For all we know, Reign won't even show up in 2017!

Still, Supergirl seems to have plenty of material for Samantha before she makes her transformation to Reign, and it should be fun to see how the show handles her story moving forward. By telling Reign's origin story in real time, Supergirl is doing something new that could really set Season 3 apart. You can catch new episodes of Supergirl on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Be sure to tune in to see the latest developments for the Girl of Steel and her newest nemesis. For your other TV options, swing by our fall TV guide.

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