Suits Spinoff Just Cast Two New Characters

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It's no secret Suits is preparing for a spinoff centered around Gina Torres' character Jessica Pearson. With the foundation for the spinoff being laid in the midseason finale, it's now being reported two more actors have been signed onto the project. It appears Torres will star alongside actor Morgan Spector and actress Rebecca Rittenhouse as the two join the project as key characters in the potential series.

The news is reported by Deadline, who says the lead actor of the recently canceled television adaptation of The Mist, Morgan Spector, will join the series as Bobby Golec. Golec is the handsome and charismatic mayor of Chicago who will be seeking re-election in six months when the spinoff begins. With the Suits spinoff putting Jessica Pearson in the thick of Chicago politics, chances are her character will come in contact with Golec quite often.

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As for actress Rebecca Whittenhouse, who was a part of ABC's drama Blood & Oil and more recently was featured on The Mindy Project, she's reportedly playing attorney Keri Allen. A Chicago native, Allen is described as an ambitious lawyer who also serves as the unofficial right hand to the mayor. With Morgan Spector and Whittenhouse seemingly paired together in a co-role of sorts, it's possible these two could serve as an obstacle to Jessica Pearson in the upcoming spinoff project.

Fans of Suits won't have long to find out, as it appears the show's Season 7 finale will introduce both new characters and will act as as a backdoor pilot that will introduce all the story details leading into this new project. As of now, there's still no official series order for the potential show, but with the series using its season finale to serve as the starting point for the project, it almost feels as though the process is a formality and this pilot is soon to be another law drama on television.

With that said, Suits is scheduled to return for the second half of Season 7 sometime in early 2018 on USA. There's a lot to look forward to, as a big kiss between Harvey and Donna should have some impact on the show going forward. While Suits is in the offseason, fall is still roaring along with hot new shows that can be found on our fall premiere guide. Unfortunately, that fire only burns so long for hot shows without an audience, and we also have a list for some of the shows whose flame extinguished and were canceled.

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