You're The Worst Is Ending, But It's Not All Bad News

There may never be another romantic-comedy couple quite like Gretchen and Jimmy, the central duo at the heart of FXX's You're the Worst. And soon, there won't even anymore Gretchen and Jimmy for audiences to look forward to, with creator Stephen Falk making an agreement with FX Networks to bring You're the Worst to a close. On the bright side, that agreement comes with a Season 5 renewal for the acclaimed series, so fans are getting one more season to see how everyone's crazy love lives will turn out.

Not that anyone could possibly expect Season 5 of You're the Worst to actually bring Gretchen, Jimmy, Edgar, Lindsay and others to a place where they're psychologically content with anything. But since creator and showrunner Stephen Falk confirmed the last season's existence before later digging into the narrative's next steps, then he can at least bring this often sordid crew to a comfortable stop-gap, where their respective misery doesn't need to be quite as prominent.

In fact, Stephen Falk's comments on the matter directly address the privilege of being able to end things on his terms.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to be thoroughly judged whether or not we 'stick the landing' -- which is a thing people say now that stupid Breaking Bad had to end so damn perfectly.

You're the Worst has garnered a lot of critical acclaim in its previous seasons, and the soon-to-end Season 4 hasn't seen that prestige droop at all. But even though the emotionally dark comedy's fanbase is dedicated and vocal, it's not exactly the biggest fanbase out there. The viewership for You're the Worst wasn't so massive when it first premiered on FX, and that core audience got smaller when it shifted to FXX for Season 2 and beyond. For example, the most recent episode was watched by 205,000 people on the night, earning a 0.1 demo rating for viewers 18-49 years old. Granted, FXX doesn't require its comedies to achieve mind-boggling success to keep them on the air, but it's clear that You're the Worst sadly isn't getting more popular with each passing year. Its fellow network rom-com Man Seeking Woman was cancelled earlier this year without a final season order.

But let's not get too downtrodden here, since there's still more You're the Worst to come. The final season renewal announcement was not so coincidentally timed to come on the same day as Season 4's double-episode finale, which airs on FXX on Wednesday, November 15, at 10:00 p.m. ET. Season 5 will likely debut in 2018.

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