Why Arrow Fans Should Be Worried About Diggle

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Arrow, read at your own risk!

Diggle has been trudging along as the Green Arrow in Oliver's absence, but as fans are well aware, it hasn't been a walk in the park. He's still relying on the use of illegal drugs to keep his tremors under control, and recent comments from the cast have us thinking fans should be very worried about Diggle. Actor David Ramsey kicked off the fear fest by talking about his character's addiction, and how his avoidance of seeking help will soon make for a bad situation:

The team has already been jeopardized by Diggle's indecision, but it's going to go further with his drug use. So I think he has to come clean at some point to his wife and to his team. ... It all comes to a head. A tragic, tragic head.

Arrow fans knew the drug situation was never going to play out well, but as David Ramsey told TVLine, it appears they might even get worse than originally imagined. With Ramsey going so far as to call the events that lead to him coming clean "tragic," one has to wonder just how badly Diggle drops the ball in this situation. With Diggle serving as the mentor for Team Arrow for so long, it will be a harsh morale blow for the team to see him take a tumble, provided it's as bad as he's teasing.

Fortunately, since roles have switched to Diggle playing the main hero, Stephen Amell teases that Oliver will play mentor when he eventually has a conversation with Diggle in regards to his drug addiction. The Arrow actor seems to tease that Oliver won't go the lecturing and angry route with his friend, but rather approach the situation in a way Diggle might have in the past:

Inevitably, Oliver is going to find out about what's going on with Diggle and his injury...(it's) a really interesting opportunity to not just walk into a room and start screaming, but figure out why this person did what he did, and more particularly: Why does John feel the need to keep it from Oliver?

Hopefully, that moment of intervention comes before Diggle interacts with Ricardo Diaz, who will make his debut on tonight's episode of Arrow. Diaz (who will be portrayed by Kirk Acevedo) has been described as an ex-con looking to control Star City's underworld, and, according to Curtis actor Echo Kellum, will be the villain tied specifically to Diggle. Arrow fans could speculate that whatever drugs Diggle is using at the moment, Diaz could be the guy behind the supply. With Diaz being described as a skilled hand to hand fighter, let's hope Diggle is at the top of his game should the two come into contact.

Arrow is all new tonight at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. The Arrow-verse is just two weeks away from the mega-crossover, and if things seem rough now, this trailer shows things are really going to get over the top. Read up on that, or, for those that are in search of new fall shows, head on over to our fall premiere guide. Additionally, be sure to check out which shows from 2017 didn't survive the year via our cancellation guide.

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