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Once known as a star of both Facts of Life and Return to Horror High, George Clooney is now one of the biggest and most recognizable entertainers on the planet, which allows him to dictate his career paths. Clooney apparently wants to return to roots on TV, where he was ER's biggest breakout, as he has signed on to star in, direct and executive produce a limited series adaptation of Joseph Heller's classic satirical novel Catch-22. Congratulations to whoever wished for this during their latest birthday festivities.

George Clooney's Catch-22 doesn't yet have a network home, but that's largely because it's being put together as a package deal before production companies Paramount Television and Anonymous Content decide to ship it around to the highest bidders. With Clooney onboard in this multi-hyphenate way, we expect the top dollar will be paid to bring this war-bound story to life. HBO and Netflix are obvious candidates here, though with Amazon paying out the wazoo for Lord of the Rings' TV rights, perhaps that studio wouldn't blink at dropping another sack of cash on a book adaptation with a big war in it.

For Catch-22, George Clooney will take on the role of Colonel Cathcart, who has few qualms with making others miserable if it earns him praise and recognition. He's the only cast member at this point, but one assumes another big name will be added for the lead role of bombardier Captain John Yossarian, and the way the novel is told through differing points of view means that many of the central roles could be huge for any actors looking for their next project.

While no other cast members are involved, Catch-22 does have its creative team set, with Luke Davies and David Michôd serving as co-writers of the limited series, according to THR. Davies is known for biopics, having written last year's acclaimed Lion and 2015's drama Life, while Michôd has been the writer and director for such solid dramas as Animal Kingdom and The Rover, and he tapped into satirical side of war with Netflix's War Machine.

In the years since ER, George Clooney hasn't really done too much TV acting, saving his efforts for the big screen. (Exceptions include mostly talk show appearances.) Having shifted from acting into taking on bigger roles behind the scenes of his projects, Clooney is at a point when he doesn't need to be in front of the camera anymore. 2016's Hail Caesar! and Money Monster weren't exactly the biggest box office smashes, so maybe hopping back to TV will reinvent Clooney in some way.

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