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Supergirl fans have seen Reign on their televisions for a handful of episodes now, although she's currently very far from the "World Killer" persona that's been attached to the character in the past. While Sam appears pretty docile now, it appears fans won't have to wait long before her life as a villain becomes fully realized. A recent episode synopsis for the show has indicated that the December 4th episode, titled "Reign" will finally see Sam get villainous.

According to the synopsis, "Reign" will feature Supergirl investigating a "mysterious symbol" that has been popping up across National City. It won't take too long for her to figure out this symbol originates from an ancient prophecy that tells her it's the mark of the World Killer Reign. The Supergirl episode features a tagline "Reign Challenges Supergirl", so it would appear a throwdown between Kara and Sam is a possibility. The episode also teases tension between Lena and Morgan as well as James intervening, so it's not as though this episode is completely Reign-centric. With the episode premiere three weeks away, when exactly will Sam have time to become a full-fledged villain?

She's not evil yet, but Sam is well aware that something is up with her at this point. She has been seeing hallucinations, utilizing super strength, and learning she's bulletproof throughout Season 3, but it's not as though she understands any of it. If episode 9 features what it says in the opening lines of its synopsis (Reign challenges Supergirl), then things must accelerate with Sam very quickly on Monday's episode 7. Following week's episode being dedicated to the mega-crossover, it's hard to imagine Supergirl will revolve around Sam's realization of becoming a villain during that. So episode 7 might serve as the catalyst to everything that goes down in episode 9.

So what exactly happens that elevates Supergirl single mom Sam into full-fledged Reign? That much is not so clear. What is clear is that Sam has no memory of Krypton or being sent to Earth, and she probably doesn't have that snazzy costume we've seen sitting up in her closet.

What we do know is that the episode following Supergirl's official introduction of Reign will feature an appearance by the Legion of Super-Heroes. Whatever happens in Episode 9 with Reign must be rough, because we also know that Kara will be calling on the Legion of Super-Heroes to help her defeat the World Killer throughout Season 3. It's kind of difficult to believe currently that Sam will be that hard to conquer, given she's only just now becoming aware of her superpowers, so perhaps something is introduced in the next couple episodes that brings her up to speed enough to conquer the same hero who literally stopped a mass alien invasion.

Supergirl is all new Monday, November 20th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Reign isn't the only foe the Supergirl team has to worry about in Season 3, as a new casting has teased yet another comic book villain making their way into Kara's side of the Arrow-verse. Read more on that, or for a list of the remaining shows that still have yet to make their debut in 2017, visit our fall premiere guide. CinemaBlend also has a list that covers the shows that didn't survive 2017, and folks can see that on our cancellation guide. Finally, take a look at when Supergirl will come back from the fall break in our midseason premiere guide.

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