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saturn girl supergirl

Warning: major spoilers ahead for Episode 7 of Supergirl Season 3, "Wake Up."

Supergirl has been teasing the introduction of the Legion of Super-Heroes for a long time now, and the appearance of Mon-El in Season 2 had many fans expecting the Legion to make an appearance sooner rather than later. Well, we had to wait until Season 3, but the Legion is indeed on the way, and a brand new member was introduced in "Wake Up." Yes, Saturn Girl made her first Supergirl appearance, and it's already complicated.

Saturn Girl was one of the bodies in a pod in the spaceship under the water off the coast of National City. The folks at the DEO discovered the ship in "Wake Up," and upon boarding, they encountered a bearded Mon-El who was somehow able to breathe the air of Earth despite the fact that it's still contaminated with lead that should have poisoned him. Kara was thrilled to reunite with her lost love after seven months of mourning, but their reunion ended up being a lot less happy for her than she expected at first. Mon-El eventually revealed that he had been experiencing a different passage of time than Kara, and the seven months for her had been seven years for him. He was able to find a cure for the lead toxicity during those seven years, and that wasn't all he did. He also got married, and his wife is none other than Saturn Girl.

Of course, Saturn Girl--a.k.a. Imra Ardeen--wasn't up and about to help save the day in "Wake Up." In fact, she very nearly drowned when something went wrong in her pod before she woke up. Luckily, Kara was on hand to use her super-strength to break her out of the pod, and Imra only had time to awaken before the episode came to an end. We didn't get a look at what will likely be her formidable telekinetic powers. Those are presumably still to come. We can bet that there will be some romantic melodrama on the way as well, as Kara still holds a torch for Mon-El. While Mon-El clearly loves his wife, he has also worn Kara's necklace for the past seven years. I foresee some messy relationship drama as the Legion of Super-Heroes plot develops.

The next episode of Supergirl will presumably take a break from all things Legion of Super-Heroes. The annual crossover between all of The CW's DC TV shows kicks off on November 27, and Supergirl will air the first leg of the four-part event that will bring the heroes of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow in to interact with Kara and Alex. Be sure to tune in for a whole lot of superhero action.

Fortunately, we do know when we'll get to see the Legion. Episode 10 of Season 3 will be called "Legion of Super-Heroes," and it will feature the introduction of at least one more Legion member: Brainiac 5. There's probably a lot to look forward to on the Legion front, especially now that Samantha is on the verge of going full villain and becoming Reign. Be sure to catch episodes of Supergirl on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.