What's Up With That Creepy Corpse Guy On Marvel's Runaways? Here's What One Star Told Us

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Spoiler warning for Runaways fans who haven't yet watched the episode "Fifteen."

Thanks to its binge-worthy three-episode premiere on Hulu, Marvel's Runaways is already six feet deep into its dark and super-powered tale. The mysteries got even deeper with Episode 4, especially when it comes to Karolina and Leslie Dean. Viewers went inside the latter's sacred space within the Church, where we saw her praying over and then laying next to that really creepy, masked and gross-looking humanoid. When CinemaBlend spoke with Runaways star Angel Parker recently, I had to ask about this ickiness. In her words:

Oh, the creepy corpse guy! Oh my goodness. Let's just say he is a main character in our story, and one of the main reasons that we are in The Pride. That's all I can say.

True to Marvel-star form, Angel Parker couldn't divulge all the details about the Runaways' character who most resembles a molded glob of cobwebs. For instance, we don't yet understand why he resembles a molded glob of cobwebs. But now that we know he's considered a "main character," and that his presence is tied to everyone getting involved with The Pride's sordid beginnings, we can certainly start forming some assumptions.

When taking into account the big comic change where Kip Pardue's Frank Dean isn't part of The Pride in live-action, as well as the fact that Leslie disrobed and seemed to get under those (hopefully regularly washed) sheets in a loving way, we can theorize that Mr. Pastyface is actually Leslie's true husband (or whatever word). It's been confirmed that The Pride has been sacrificing teens for at least 15 years, and her relationship with this thing has almost definitely been going on longer than the front she's got going with Frank.

The Deans may not be aliens from outer space, but as we've seen with bracelet-less Karolina, this bloodline is able to manifest some form of influential and possibly healing powers that are shown off with a cool light show. And given this crinkly fellow's non-youthful appearance, it's even possible that only the females in the family have this power.

Something sexual was definitely happening in that bed, given the placement of Leslie's...light? Which not only strengthens the assumption that their relationship is a more pure one, but it also seems to prove that Leslie is in full control of whatever light-based powers she has, since she can just focus it at will. (Or at willy, to make a pun anyone would want to run away from.) I'm guessing whatever she can do for him is just a temporary relief, while The Pride's sacrifices have something to do with bringing him back to his original form, and not this charred husk.

Of course, this is just a fun little mystery to dig into, while Runaways is obviously more engaged with its younger generation, and the reveals in "Fifteen" definitely changed things up for them. Nico now has suspicions that her sister was killed for sacrificial reasons, Karolina's deniability about her mother's crimes came crashing down. Gert realized that she and Old Lace are telepathically connected. Chase's talents were finally recognized by his maniacal father. The stage is set for big things to come.

In fact, let's end things on what Angel Parker told me when I asked about how the season builds up regarding the story.

It's a build-up throughout the season, but by Episode 5, everybody knows what's going on. So it's not like you're just trying to figure out by the end of the season what happens. By the end of the season, the teenagers are on their own, and they are fighting back. So the entire arc of this show, at least the first season, is you get to understand why we're here, what we're doing. The kids find out, we have confrontation. It moves at a great pace, and by Episode 5, you really have gotten to dive into this world and understand the past and why we're all still doing these horrific things.

Answers are coming, everybody! Watch Marvel's Runaways every Tuesday on Hulu, with episodes dropping at 12:01 a.m. PT. To see what other shows are on the way, check out our fall TV premiere schedule and our 2018 midseason premiere schedule.

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