Supernatural Is Adding Jensen Ackles' Wife To Season 13

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Supernatural is exploring brand new territory in Season 13 with a nephilim is in the mix, and we already know of some animated craziness that's on the way. Now a brand new character has been announced, and she'll be played by none other than Danneel Ackles, a.k.a. star Jensen Ackles' wife.

Danneel Ackles has been cast as a character known as "Sister Jo," and she'll turn up later in Season 13, presumably after the events of next week's midseason finale have died down a little bit. Sister Jo is a faith healer who has gained a reputation for her good works, and that reputation will come to bite her in a big way. She'll catch the attention of none other than Lucifer, although Lucifer's plans for her may be different than what we expect of him. He could always just kill her... or he might have a grander purpose in mind for her. Variety reports that Ackles will make her Supernatural debut in the thirteenth episode of Season 13, which is forebodingly titled "Devil's Bargain."

Sister Jo will be a recurring role, so we'll be seeing Danneel Ackles on Supernatural at least a couple of times. This won't be the first time that she has appeared in the same project with Jensen Ackles, as both tackled roles in an independent short film called Ten Inch Hero back in 2007. She has worked with her husband's co-star Misha Collins in the past, as she appeared in his TSA America: Suspicious Bulges digital short. Danneel Ackles is also known for work in the Harold & Kumar franchise and the WB series One Tree Hill.

It should be interesting to see how Danneel Ackles fits into the Supernatural cast. Most of the key players have been around for a long time, with even original Lucifer actor Mark Pellegrino reprising his role for Season 13. Her casting actually marks the second time that the wife of one of the main stars was slated to appear on the show. Although Genevieve Cortese first appeared as the demon Ruby in Season 4 on Supernatural prior to marrying Jared Padalecki, she returned in Season 6 to play Sam's wife in what is arguably Supernatural's most meta episode to date.

Hopefully Sister Jo doesn't meet quite as bloody an end as many of the other ladies who have had recurring roles on Supernatural. Nobody is ever really safe on Supernatural, although a handful are pretty much guaranteed resurrections whenever they die, and the women tend to meet unfortunate ends. Sadly, we'll have to wait until the second half of the season kicks off in 2018 to get a first look at Danneel Ackles in action as Sister Jo.

The Supernatural midseason finale will air on Thursday, December 7 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For when many of the biggest and best shows will be back in 2018, take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule. Supernatural seems like the show destined to keep on going, but not all shows are quite as lucky as can be seen in our rundown of 2017 TV cancellations.

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