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Mindhunter Netflix

Netflix is almost unrecognizable compared to what it was several years ago. This largely has to do with the service's ability to adapt and evolve with changes in technology and the entertainment landscape. The streaming service has made massive leaps in the original content game in a short amount of time, but now it looks like it's about to make one of its most significant jumps yet with the creation of choose-your-own-adventure TV shows for adults.

The process of binge-watching your favorite Netflix series is about to get quite a bit more interactive, as Netflix is diving headfirst into the realm of engaging content that audiences won't consume passively. Seemingly bridging the gap between television and video games, these series will offer viewers a set of choices that will branch the story of a given program into a variety of different directions. Once a piece of content has been completed, audiences can go back and rewatch it by using the various options to see all of the different possible outcomes.

Who knows? If this increasingly popular storytelling format proves successful enough, audiences might even get a choose-your-own-adventure version of Netflix's top-tier shows. Do you want to be in control of Holden Ford's insane conversations with Ed Kemper on Mindhunter? That might not be too outrageous of an idea in a few years. We shouldn't rule anything out at this point.

This development isn't Netflix's first foray into the world of choose-your-own-adventure content. Earlier this year the platform kicked this idea off with the release of a version of the service aimed more specifically at children. The content of this kid-centric service included recognizable, licensed material, such as Puss In Book: Trapped In An Epic Tale from the Shrek universe. The response to this child-friendly form of streaming content has been positive, and Bloomberg reports that the welcoming reception helped convince Netflix to expand it for adults.

puss in boots shrek

Of course, this is just one of many irons that Netflix currently has in the fire. The series is riding high off of the recent releases of shows like Marvel's The Punisher and Godless, as well as Alias Grace. However, seemingly showing no interest in slowing down, Netflix is reportedly aiming to release no fewer than 30 scripted series, 80 movies, 60 kids' shows, and several animated projects -- all of which will, in total, run a price tag between $7 billion and $8 billion. Netflix's gambles have changed the TV game more than once over the years, and this could potentially do it again.

CinemaBlend will keep you up to date with more information related to this new choose-your-own-adventure platform on Netflix as further details are made available to us. Elsewhere in the streaming world, you can check out our Netflix premiere schedule to keep an eye on everything else the platform has coming this year and listen to the most recent episode of The Cord Cutter Podcast to hear what we have to say about this burgeoning style of television content.