Sense8 Behind The Scenes Video Will Get Fans Pumped For The Finale

As Sense8 prepares for its finale, fans of the series should be proud of what they accomplished. After all, it's not often that a network cancels a show with a high budget and buckles a month later due to an overwhelming online movement! This behind-the-scenes video shows the love between the Sense8 cast and the fans, and will also get anyone interested pumped for the finale as they watch the cast travel the world and have some fun along the way:

Looks like the cast had a blast filming the Sense8 finale, which hopefully means the series will be getting a good send off. Wolfgang actor Max Riemelt seemed confident enough that fans of the series will like the ending in the video, but it's not like he's going to shit on the special in a "making of," video either. Then again, the Season 2 cliffhanger largely centered on what will become of Wolfgang after he was captured, so perhaps Riemelt is the best actor to judge whether or not the finale is going to be satisfying or not.

The big question is now whether or not it will be satisfying enough for Sense8 fans to stop clamoring for more. The tweet which held the video already has commenters pestering Netflix to go ahead and grant the series a Season 3, and while it's hard to believe the streaming giant will buckle, they already have once before. That said, with Sense8 using this two-hour special to line up a conclusive ending, it doesn't appear likely they're prepared to move forward with a Season 3 at this time even if Netflix wanted them to do so.

That's a bit of a shame because that video makes it look like Sense8 was pulling in audiences from around the world. Literally, every location the team was shooting at was chocked full of people, although they could've also been extras cast to appear in scenes that tie in with the finale. Regardless, considering the massive amount of people who protested following the show's cancellation there had to be more than a few legitimate fans who showed up to watch filming, which is not something every show can claim happens.

The two-hour Sense8 finale special is coming to Netflix sometime in 2018. For other shows, new and returning, that will be coming to television in 2018, be sure to head on over to our midseason premiere guide and see what is already being planned for the new year! For a look at what's left in 2017, our fall premiere guide still has a few gems that are worth keeping an eye out for. For a look at some of the shows that were canceled in 2017, visit our cancellation guide.

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