Mr. Robot Renewed For Season 4 At USA

With Season 3 of Mr. Robot drawing towards its end and the tension in the series at an all-time high, it was beginning to be a question as to whether a Season 4 order for the series would ever come. Well, now the fans can calm down, because creator Sam Esmail shared the confirmation that the series would return to USA for Season 4 via his social media:

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Obviously, this is great news for Mr. Robot fans, and while there's no telling where the Season 3 finale will take the story, we already know a few things. For starters, it looks as though the days of Mr. Robot premiering in the summer are officially over if Season 4 is going to premiere in 2018. With Sam Esmail stating on Instagram that the writer's room is just now opening up shop, it would be quite the feat for the show to wrap writing, filming, and post-production before the start of summer 2018. That said, if USA is looking to put the series back in a summer slot following a season in the fall, they could just delay Season 4 until 2019, although that doesn't sound ideal.

Especially considering Mr. Robot is a show so steeped in detail and misdirection. As a viewer, it took a bit of catchup and reviewing to remember exactly what was happening in the series when the show premiered Season 3 later than usual, and a full year break could make that a problem for many. In addition to that, Mr. Robot's viewership numbers have been on a steady decline since its beginning, and while USA has given no reason for fans to worry about its critically acclaimed and award-winning show's future, the longer the show is away, the greater the risk some fans could fall out of the series. Right now, we really don't even know when to expect Season 4 of Mr. Robot, so it's definitely too soon to start worrying about all of that. For now, fans should just focus on the show. Season 3 looks to tease the most thrilling season finale the show has given yet:

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