Some spoilers follow for anyone who isn't current with the Walking Dead TV show and comic series.

Anytime a book or comic book gets adapted as another form of media, fans are going to make endless comparisons. That goes for massive fantasy epics like Game of Thrones to kid-focused adventures like Captain Underpants. But I think most would agree that The Walking Dead earns as many adaptation comparisons as anything else out there, and we're always keen to dive into those conversations.

Here, we've rounded up all the Walking Dead characters whose comic book iterations are more enjoyable than the live-action versions. In some cases, the disparity is minimal, while in others, the original characters are worlds better than the TV characters. Let's start off with one of AMC hit's most frustrating characters, regardless of the source material.


In The Comics: As one of the comic book's most iconic characters, Andrea was a pillar of strength, confidence, and firearm skills, and she also delivered as much emotional thrust as anyone else in the series. Each relationship she entered into was highly meaningful, from her closeness with Dale to the surrogate motherhood that she took on with Ben, Billy and (later) Carl to her eventually settling down with Rick. And Andrea's death was probably as heartbreaking as any other death from the comics.

In The TV Show: Laurie Holden was a fine choice to take on the role of Andrea, and the character initially seemed like she'd remain fairly close to the original version. But no, that all fell apart before too long, and one of the worst decisions in Walking Dead history involved Andrea moving to Woodbury to start a romantic relationship with The Governor, a dipshit move that sealed the increasingly unbearable character's fate. Even Holden herself wasn't fond of how that story turned out.


In The Comics: By the nature of his deadly crimes, his vulgar speech and his tyrannical nature, Negan should have been the series' least likable character, and yet the ruthless villain remains one of The Walking Dead's biggest fan favorites. His constant swearing has always been more hilarious than intimidating, and he's only become more interesting and nuanced as time has gone by, with the standalone offshoot Here's Negan offering a backstory that, while sometimes superfluous, expanded upon Negan's blink-and-you'll-miss-it emotional core. He's as colorful and dynamic a villain as one could get in black-and-white.

In The TV Show: Jeffrey Dean Morgan had a lot to live up to when taking on the live-action iteration of Negan, and there's no denying the frightening charisma he exudes in every scene he's in. But there was always going to be something lost in translation when bringing Negan into the TV show, with his ghoulish comic book acts becoming all the more monstrous and uncomfortable when they're not illustrated. Plus, the show seems to have no clue how to utilize Negan properly, bouncing between ignoring him completely and then giving him all the focus. Morgan will always be great, but Comic Negan will always be that much greater in comparison.

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