Jason Momoa's Frontier Renewed For Season 3 At Netflix

Just a few weeks after its premiere of Season 2 on Netflix, Frontier has been renewed for Season 3. Frontier star Jason Momoa shared the news with fans on social media, and he celebrated with what can only be described as a jubilant war cry. Seriously, you may want to turn down your volume a bit for the end of the clip. Momoa has a healthy set of lungs. Take a look!

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That's the kind of scream that would strike fear into the hearts of Lannister soldiers. Unfortunately, Momoa's Declan Harp isn't really in a position to frighten his enemies, given that the end of Season 2 saw him forced to align with them in order to eliminate a common threat. That's where Season 3 of the series will presumably pick up, and we can only hope that Declan finally catches a break this time around. The official announcement states that Netflix has renewed the series for another six episodes in Season 3, which is the standard order for Frontier. There's no release date for the season at this time.

Jason Momoa was not the first to talk about the Season 3 renewal of Frontier, as there had been hints back when the trailer for Season 2 was released that Discovery Canada had picked up the series for Season 3. The series is a co-production between Discovery Canada and Netflix, so perhaps Momoa is simply relaying the confirmation on his Instagram. Alternately, he could have made the post in reference to Netflix's official confirmation that Season 3 is happening. Either way, the renewal is great news for the series, which appears to have become a successful series despite some rough reviews from critics.

As for what to expect from Frontier Season 3, it seems that Declan Harp is traveling across the pond to find Lord Benton, as the actor is in Scotland. That said, Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand and not Mordor, so its possible that while the production for Frontier is taking place overseas, the story will still be set in Canada. In the past, the series has filmed in different parts of Canada, as well as the United Kingdom, so it's not as though this is anything highly unusual. It has been reported that Season 3 is in production.

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