One Netflix Subscriber Binge-Watched The Office So Much, Netflix Reportedly Checked In On Him

The Office

Binge-watching is more and more becoming the default to how we watch our television. We've all raced to finish new seasons of Stranger Things or old favorites like 30 Rock at one point or another, devouring whole seasons in just a few days. Occasionally, we fall asleep at the remote, missing two and a half episodes of The X-Files (not at all a specific thing that happened to me). However, one Netflix subscriber watched so much of The Office in such little amount of time, that someone at Netflix reportedly got in touch with them to make sure they were okay. Now that's customer service right there.

Recently, the Netflix Twitter account has been having some fun posting about the 53 people who watched the much-maligned original Netflix Christmas movie, The Christmas Prince, every day for the past 18 days. The Netflix account wrote "who hurt you?" which prompted a post to Reddit titled "At least they care." It was on this thread that a Reddit user going by the name "King-Salamander" wrote about his own experience with Netflix customer service. The Redditor writes that he suffers from depression, and during a particularly bad spell a few years ago, watched the entirety of The Office in maybe 5-10 days.

The Office is nine seasons long with every season (except for Season 1) having at least 22-28 episodes. That means this person would have had to have left Netflix running nonstop to be able to finish the entire series in 10 days. The Office is a great comedy, but that amount of binging for anything is enough of a cause to be alarmed, and Netflix reportedly took notice. Apparently, Netflix sent the subscriber an email asking him if he was alright, because his viewing activity was so different from what it usually was.

King-Salamander has no evidence to prove that this happened, but he did write that the experience made him feel a little better knowing that a stranger cared about his mental health. So, if it's true, that's a pretty nice story, so good on you Netflix!

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