Netflix Has Two New True Crime Series That Are Sure To Excite And Enrage Viewers

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Netflix has been dabbling in the true crime genre more and more, with shows like Making a Murderer, The Keepers, and The Confession Tapes currently in its streamable library. Now, Netflix has two more true crime documentary series slated for release, and they'll be available sooner than you might have expected. You'll be able to watch Rotten and Dirty Money in January, and both shows sounds alternately exciting and infuriating.

Rotten will be the first of the two new shows to debut, and it will tackle a number of issues within the global food production industry. The project hails from the team that brought Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and The Mind of a Chef to the small screen. Viewers can expect installments to delve into the underworld of food production and expose the unexpected dangers behind everyday eating habits. Corruption and waste may occur in even shocking places. Now that global supply-chains are able to reach just about everywhere, regulation, innovation, and greed pervade some big parts of the business.

Episodes of Rotten will cover the global honey business and a scandal known as "Honeygate," the impact of peanut allergies in the good industry, the garlic scene, the scope of the chicken-growing market, the dangers of new kinds of milk, and overfishing in New England. You can catch all of Rotten streaming on January 5 on Netflix.

Dirty Money will be an investigative series courtesy of Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney, and it will explore the untold stories of corruption and scandal within the high-stakes business world. Episodes will feature first-hand accounts from victims and perpetrators alike, with video footage that has not been widely distributed before. Each installment is helmed by an experienced director in the documentary sphere.

Each episode of Dirty Money will tackle a different corrupt corner of the business world. The first will tackle the somewhat sketchy alliance between automakers and various companies that have resulted in many lives at risk for the sake of a part that doesn't actually cost all that much in the grand scheme of things. Another episode will tackle the ride of Trump Inc. and delve into Donald Trump's business career and focus on branding, including his business failures. Viewers will also see the cases of payday lenders, pharmaceutical price gouges, money laundering, and a heist involving maple syrup. Yes, really, on that last one. Dirty Money will be available streaming on Netflix starting on January 26.

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