While things certainly got serious in the midseason finale, The Flash Season 4 has been a fun return to form for the super-series. After a bit of a downer season involving Savitar's vengeful plotting, the show has gotten back to its more glee-inspired roots, causing some laughs along the way while still keeping the series dramatically entertaining. In short, The Flash is as fun as its ever been, and these Barry Allen-infused GIFs prove it:

Barry Going All Risky Business

After returning from the speed force, Barry Allen was a changed man. While prior trips largely gave Barry an increased emotional perspective, he appeared to use this trip to drop a lot of the baggage that held him back in the past. Without any extremely obvious villains to immediately duel with, Barry celebrated his early freedom with revealing his secret love for Tom Cruise film sequences, sliding across the floor with his best imitation of Cruise's goofy dance from Risky Business.

*Barry Dismantling An Entire Car *

Now, The Flash has shown Barry doing a lot of crazy things to save the day, but this was by far one of the silliest. To be fair, Barry didn't have a lot of options, considering the out of control car he redirected was headed towards a construction site that would've surely resulted in massive injuries to the driver and the construction crew. One would think it might've just been easier to overload the car's circuitry with a well-placed lightning bolt and stop it that way, but this moment was far more entertaining!

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