9 Barry Allen GIFs That Prove The Flash Is As Fun As Ever In Season 4

While things certainly got serious in the midseason finale, The Flash Season 4 has been a fun return to form for the super-series. After a bit of a downer season involving Savitar's vengeful plotting, the show has gotten back to its more glee-inspired roots, causing some laughs along the way while still keeping the series dramatically entertaining. In short, The Flash is as fun as its ever been, and these Barry Allen-infused GIFs prove it:

Barry Allen Grant Gustin The Flash

Barry Going All Risky Business

After returning from the speed force, Barry Allen was a changed man. While prior trips largely gave Barry an increased emotional perspective, he appeared to use this trip to drop a lot of the baggage that held him back in the past. Without any extremely obvious villains to immediately duel with, Barry celebrated his early freedom with revealing his secret love for Tom Cruise film sequences, sliding across the floor with his best imitation of Cruise's goofy dance from Risky Business.

The Flash Grant Gustin The Flash The CW

*Barry Dismantling An Entire Car *

Now, The Flash has shown Barry doing a lot of crazy things to save the day, but this was by far one of the silliest. To be fair, Barry didn't have a lot of options, considering the out of control car he redirected was headed towards a construction site that would've surely resulted in massive injuries to the driver and the construction crew. One would think it might've just been easier to overload the car's circuitry with a well-placed lightning bolt and stop it that way, but this moment was far more entertaining!

Barry Allen Iris West Grant Gustin Candace Patton The Flash The CW

Barry And Iris Dodging A Coffin, For Love

In one of The Flash's few attempts at irreverent gallows humor, an erratic Iris West called Barry to meet her at church, where the two sat for a while until it was revealed they were attempting to piggyback their wedding onto someone else's ongoing funeral. Barry and Iris squeezing past pallbearers, while offering condolences on their way to the altar, was already close to one of the funniest moments of Season 4 so far, but when Iris flipped the picture of the deceased to lighten the mood a bit, that sealed the deal.

Barry Allen Grant Gustin The Flash The CW

Barry Celebrating Joe And Cecille's Pregnancy

For one of The Flash Season 4's crazier twists, Joe West is going to be a dad again. While we have no idea what exciting implications this will have for the future of The Flash, it quickly became the gift that keeps on giving, as one of the best reactions to the news came from Barry, who popped a cigar in his mouth and performed a weird shimmy dance. It's so goofy and amazing that one has to wonder if that reaction from Jesse L. Martin is solely acting or he's genuinely busting a gut!

Ralph Dibny Hartley Sawyer The Flash The CW

Barry Punching Ralph In The Face

As one of the newest members of Team Flash, Ralph Dibny definitely has some work to do before he finds his place. Unfortunately, Ralph's presence has been more annoying than heroic for the team, initially stemming from the fact that Barry and Ralph had a rough past. The tension eventually reached a peak and Barry attempted to sock Ralph in the face...only for his hand to get completely enveloped by face parts. The scene was actually rather sad, but now that Ralph and Barry are on better terms, it can be fun to watch over and over again.

Barry Allen Grant Gustin The Flash The CW

Barry Getting Drunk, Revealing He's The Flash

While the girls were off having a pre-wedding adventure of their own, Barry was getting tipsy thanks to Cisco's special serum. This eventually led to drunk Barry crying while eating chicken wings, criticizing the ending of Titanic, and revealing to an entire nightclub that he is The Flash. It doesn't appear anyone took him seriously, although who knows? Maybe the security footage from the bar brawl that ensued will bring Barry to the attention of Arrow's Agent Watson somewhere down the line. Let's hope not, though, because Barry's already on the line for murder and he can't afford to catch another case!

The Flash Grant Gustin The Flash The CW

Barry Is Saved By The Flotation Device

In the comics, The Flash super suit has been capable of very strange things, like being compacted to ring-size. The Flash series had never really toyed with the suit's non-speed abilities too much until Cisco spent Barry's Speed Force absence developing new suit mechanics. Sadly, Barry forced his pal to remove most of the features after their run-in with Kilgore, and The Flash fans have only gotten to see the flotation device properly used in action. Hopefully, the experience opened Barry's eyes and we'll get to see the suit get more features back in the future. But if not, at least we have this silliness.

Barry Allen The Flash The CW

Barry Helping The Robber Who Shot Dibny

That headline may sound a little cold without context, but Flash fans who missed this moment should know Ralph Ralph is fine, so to speak. The bullets, which were shot by a robber desperate for money, ended up bouncing off Ralph's elastic body and going right back into the robber. While Ralph would've been content to see his assailant rot in the streets, Barry opted to help the criminal get to the hospital, pointing out that Ralph definitely owed him. Most people would've probably sided with Ralph over Barry on this one, but that's probably why the latter is the hero and we're not.

Barry Allen Iris West Grant Gustiin Candace Patton The Flash The CW

Barry And Iris Opening Lots Of Potentially Stolen Toasters

Barry and Iris returned home and got to work opening their wedding presents, soon realizing almost no one got them gifts on their registry. What they do have, however, is an insane amount of toasters, all gifted to them by Waverider crew member and sometimes-reformed villain Mick Rory. While duplicate registry gifts are a common thing, it doesn't take long for Barry and Iris to put two and two together with the assumption that all the toasters in their possession were probably stolen. Hey, at least he gave them a gift and didn't hijack their wedding!

Diggle David Ramsey Crisis On Earth X The CW

BONUS: Barry Kidnapping Diggle To Get Married

When Oliver stated he could not officiate Barry and Iris' wedding unless it was within the limits of Star City, Barry ended up kidnapping the one person they all knew who could _officiate the wedding: John Diggle. It was a brilliant way for _The Flash to bring Diggle into the crossover special right at the end, during Legends of Tomorrow, as well as an excellent way to continue the running gag that Diggle can't handle high speeds. In a season where things have been less than great for the Team Arrow enforcer, it was a great moment for the character and one that won't soon be forgotten.

The Flash returns to television with new Season 4 episodes on Tuesday, January 16, at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on upcoming programming, visit both our fall premiere guide and midseason premiere guide to stay in the loop. Those curious as to what shows were canceled in 2017 can see a long list at the landing page for our cancellation guide.

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