Barry And Iris Dodging A Coffin, For Love

In one of The Flash's few attempts at irreverent gallows humor, an erratic Iris West called Barry to meet her at church, where the two sat for a while until it was revealed they were attempting to piggyback their wedding onto someone else's ongoing funeral. Barry and Iris squeezing past pallbearers, while offering condolences on their way to the altar, was already close to one of the funniest moments of Season 4 so far, but when Iris flipped the picture of the deceased to lighten the mood a bit, that sealed the deal.

Barry Celebrating Joe And Cecille's Pregnancy

For one of The Flash Season 4's crazier twists, Joe West is going to be a dad again. While we have no idea what exciting implications this will have for the future of The Flash, it quickly became the gift that keeps on giving, as one of the best reactions to the news came from Barry, who popped a cigar in his mouth and performed a weird shimmy dance. It's so goofy and amazing that one has to wonder if that reaction from Jesse L. Martin is solely acting or he's genuinely busting a gut!

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